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My commitment to you is to help you make informed choices about your financing options when buying a home. Completing this brief questionnaire will help start this process. There are many different ways to finance a home, but to find the best option for you, we must consider your long- and short-term financial and investment goals as well as your payment and equity objectives. I will work with you to outline your goals, analyze your current purchasing power and recommend several different strategies that will enable you to achieve your goals.

  1. Have you ever owned a home before?     yes     no

    If so, what type of mortgage did you have?   

  2. What is your best estimate for how long you might live in this home?
    1-3 3-5 5-7 7-10 10-15+

  3. Do you expect your household to increase decrease (choose one)
    in the next:
    2 years?        5 years?   

  4. Do you foresee incurring other financial obligations within the next five years, such as
    a new car?    yes     no
    Change in work time? (switch to part or full time) yes    no
    College expenses?    yes     no

  5. Of the following financial goals, which would you say is currently a top priority? (select all that apply)
    Improve monthly cash flow Create a 6-12 month cash reserve account
    Maximize retirement savings  Maximize investment contributions
    Maximize education savings  Maximize asset portfolio performance
    Live comfortably on one income  Live comfortably on a fixed income
    Create a comprehensive financial plan Other:   

  6. Which of the following is most important regarding your home financing? (select all that apply)
    Reduced monthly payment
    Accelerate equity accumulation (pay loan off sooner)
    Obtain cash to make home improvements, etc.
    Combine existing home improvement, home equity or purchase money loans into primary loan
    Have ability to sell, pay down, pay off or refinance home in future without penalty
    Maximize tax benefits
    Eliminate mortgage insurance
    Include home improvements in financing
    Reduce property tax obligation

  7. Who should my team and I consider the primary contact throughout the loan process?   

  8. What is the most convenient means of communicating with you?