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Home Renovation Loans

Have you found an old home in the perfect neighborhood that you would love to give a refresh? Maybe you want to update the home you've lived in for years. You see the potential but aren't sure how to cover the costs. A renovation loan may be just what you need!

Boost your home's value with renovations that are worth the effort and cash. Provided below are a few of the top projects that could give you the most value in the long run.

If you are ready to learn more about home renovation loans, contact the Mark Johnson Team today at 805-563-1100. Mark can answer your questions and help you determine what is the right choice for your unique needs and situation.

Generally considered the top upgrade that a homeowner can make for the least cost.

Average Cost: $976 - $2,722
Average Return: Varies – Blue rooms could increase sale price by $5,440

Industry specialists recommend choosing new and neutral flooring.

Average Cost: $1,508 - $4,276
Average Return: Hardwood – 70% to 80%

A good first step would be to refinish hardwood floors, cabinetry, walls, windows, woodwork, and counters. If budget permits, replace fixtures and hardware to round out your finishes.

Average Cost: $21,198 - $63,829 (Remodel, Non-Upscale)
Average Return: 59% - 81.1%

Investing some money into refreshing the look of your bathroom could help increase your home's value and may be a big selling point.

Average Cost: $19,134 (Remodel, Non-Upscale)
Average Return: 70.1%

Boost your curb appeal with an upgraded outdoor area.

Average Cost: $1,446 - $5,317
Average Return: 105% to 303%

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