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Back to Basics - Focus On What's Really Importantâ„¢
Recharge your life by focusing on your core values

Julie’s speech on “Back to Basics” focuses on people, both in the workplace and at home, who find themselves caught up in the “rat race” of life. They might be feeling burned out, frustrated, like they’re going in circles or becoming a robot and just going through the motions of work and life. This talk focuses on going back to basics and discovering who we are through our core values. We may think we know our core values and who we are; but most often when people are asked who they are, they respond by telling what they do. An exercise is done during the presentation on looking at basic core values and understanding how we need to go back to them to make decisions. A discussion will follow on how to utilize these core values as a filter in everyday life thoughts.

Audience: General, anyone who feels overwhelmed or in need of direction

Time: a short version is approximately 30 minutes.
This can also be done as a 2 hour workshop

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