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Discover the Top Sales Secrets You Need to Know™
Simple techniques for winning over your prospects and closing the sale

What’s the best sales book ever written? What publication reveals the top sales secrets for any salesperson to know? Would you believe it’s Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs & Ham? Has anyone ever faced a more difficult, skeptical prospect than Sam I Am does? Using Green Eggs & Ham as a sales manual, Julie goes through the points and process of closing a sale. Great fun for enlivening a creative sales force, getting a new sales group excited about selling, or revisiting some tested guidelines with an experienced sales staff. The speech is most effective when the company supplies a copy of the book for each member of the audience, who are not given details about the presentation beyond the topic. Books are distributed at the start of the presentation wrapped in brown paper and string and marked “Top Secret.”

Audience: Sales people of all levels of experience

Time: approximately 30 minutes

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