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Help Me! I’m Stuck in My Box and I Can’t Get Out!™
Redefine yourself and your capabilities to multiply your successes

Are you successful? Has that success made you somewhat comfortable? Is your comfort level keeping you from expanding your horizons beyond your comfort zone? Julie’s speech, “Help Me! I’m Stuck in My Box and I Can’t Get Out!” focuses on how we each define ourselves based on our successes, and Julie leads an exercise where each individual defines their “box.” A discussion analyzes how we make decisions based on our history, how our “box” can insulate us from failure as well as new opportunities, and how we can turn the situation around, and use our “box” as a success strategy. We build on our success strategy because of successful decisions made in the past, and therefore we continue to utilize the same strategy going forward. Looking at how we can get out of the “box” and move forward toward making masterful decisions enables each individual to obtain personal mastery.

Audience: General, anyone interested in expanding their horizons and jump-starting their life and/or career.

Time: 30-45 minutes

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