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Getting to Know Us: Meet Julie Piepho,
CMLA Northern Chapter First Officer

By Lynn Bishop
Published with permission from CMLA

This month we'd like to introduce a very energetic member of our CMLA leadership team, Julie Piepho, Northern Chapter First Officer.

From day one, Julie has been very active in recharging enthusiasm in the Northern Chapter. Thanks to her efforts, CMLA's Certified Mortgage Lender (CML) program will be offered through CSU beginning in January 2003. The CML program is a great value to people as it allows them a venue to become formally educated about various aspects of the mortgage business from loan origination to secondary marketing.

The main goal Julie has set for the Northern Chapter is to bring a more structured sense of community to mortgage lenders in northern Colorado. According to Julie, "There is sense of community in that people know and like each other in Northern Colorado, but there is not a sense of community in that people get together and share ideas about what's working for them." Julie also is developing a five-member advisory board that will meet once per quarter in 2003. One of their first challenges will be to host the first annual Northern Colorado Mortgage Expo to be held Friday, April 4, 2003. Planning is underway to have about 40 exhibitors on hand for a five-hour trade show, much like the CMLA Wholesale Lending Fair held in Denver each year.

Julie has been in the mortgage industry for 24 years. She "grew up" in the Savings and Loan industry in Wyoming before moving to Colorado in 1985. Julie has worked in various capacities in the industry, from processor to Sr. Vice President of Norwest Mortgage. During the 13 years she worked for Norwest and Wells Fargo, she became the president of the country's first joint venture between a bank (Wells Fargo) and a mortgage company (Norwest Mortgage), prior to Norwest's purchase of Wells Fargo. She's also been an independent broker. Throughout her career, Julie's passion has been to help people achieve the American dream of home ownership.

Along with helping others achieve their dream, Julie recently achieved a dream of her own - the attainment of her Certified Mortgage Banker (CMB) designation. The CMB designation signifies to the real estate finance community an individual's superior knowledge, understanding, and competency in both residential and commercial real estate finance and distinguishes professionals for their commitment to excellence and high ethical standards. Only nine individuals in Colorado have attained the CMB designation.

"Ever since I took my first School of Mortgage Banking classes in Wyoming, I knew I wanted to get my CMB," Julie commented. Close friend (and fellow CMB) Mike Rosser encouraged Julie to get her CMB. Working toward a CMB designation is both expensive and time consuming, but Julie believes it's worth the cost in time and money. "My CMB designation is important to me because it fulfills my personal life vision. I'm in the mortgage business to help people achieve the dream of owning a home. Getting my CMB was the fulfillment of a dream that I have had for a long time. I was inspired to pursue it because I admired people who had their CMB."

Julie also believes in MBA's Future Leaders program. She cites the fact that current leaders in MBA look to those involved in the Future Leaders program to be active participants in MBA and take a leadership role as evidence of the program's positive effect.

Julie is owner and founder of Milestone Leadership Consulting, where she provides leadership coaching and mortgage consulting for banks and mortgage companies on various aspects of mortgage lending. When she has time, Julie likes to play golf, spend time with her friends, and travel. She also is an avid Denver Broncos fan.

Julie lives her personal life vision of 'a dynamic world where leadership, creativity, and excitement inspire the fulfillment of dreams' through her enthusiasm in helping people and her zest for life. With Julie at the helm, expect great success from the CMLA Northern Chapter!

You can contact Julie by phone at 866-577-5585 or by email at

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