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Julie Piepho, CMB Profile

By Krista Sabol
Originally Published in The Industry Campus Newsletter
Volume 2, Issue 18

Julie,tell us about yourself.
I own a company called Milestone Leadership Consulting, which specializes in mortgage consulting, individual and organizational leadership coaching, facilitation and public speaking. Prior to starting my own company, I worked in the mortgage industry for over 20 years. I “grew up” in the savings and loan industry in Wyoming and my last position was Senior Vice-President for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.

My knowledge ranges from sales and operations management, quality control, project management and joint ventures. My slogan is “helping people reach unprecedented levels of success.”  I believe that each individual and organization has a vision and purpose that can propel them to new heights of success. My experience in all facets of the mortgage industry allows me to help mortgage companies achieve goals they’ve only thought about.

I’m an avid golfer and love the game because of the mental focus it requires. When I’m not playing golf, I’m a Denver Bronco fan. I believe in writing down your life dreams and have achieved my dream of playing at Pebble Beach and going to Super Bowl XXXII where the Denver Broncos beat the Green Bay Packers!

How long have you been a CMB?
Since October 2002 when I received the CMB designation at MBA's 89th Annual Convention in Chicago.

How has the CMB impacted your career?
Achieving the CMB designation was a goal I started on when I was a loan officer in Wyoming. My association would not pay for any of my School of Mortgage Banking courses, so I put myself through all 3 years of mortgage banking schools – Courses I, II, and III. The dream was so real; I wanted to achieve my designation. A carrot for me with Course III was to get on the floor of the CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade) and "trade!” It was so much fun!

However, I put my goal of achieving my designation on hold for over 10 years because I allowed myself to get caught up in the daily tasks of work and life. My sponsor and great friend, Mike Rosser, finally sat me down and said, “It’s now or never!  Practice what you teach.” So once again, I pulled out my goal sheet and put the CMB designation at the top. I was now out of the daily routine of the corporate mortgage world, starting a new business and studying for the hardest test I would ever take.

The dream became a reality and I achieved my goal! It has impacted my business because the CMB designation brings to me the credentials of a “Doctor of Mortgage Banking.” Individuals and organizations recognize the knowledge, experience and drive someone has who achieves his or her CMB designation.

What advice do you have for those interested in obtaining the CMB designation?
Just do it! If you’ve been in the industry for at least 5 years, you’ve probably got the knowledge you need to obtain your designation. If you don’t have the knowledge, it’s easy to find a CMB to sponsor you and help you achieve that goal. 

This year, with the 3 CMB designations – Residential, Commercial, or Master - it becomes easier to achieve at least one level of your CMB. I challenge you to become one of the elite professionals in the mortgage banking industry by achieving your CMB designation!

How do you get the CMB designation?
The first step to becoming a CMB is completing the one page enrollment form.  After this has been received, a CampusMBA registrar will contact you with the next steps

You can contact Julie by phone at 866-577-5585 or by email at

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