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The Sandwich Generation - Achieving Personal Resilience™
Strategies to take care of yourself and develop personal resilience

We’ve all heard how more and more of us are becoming members of the “Sandwich Generation” – people who have aging parents who need care and/or help, and who also have children of their own at home. Other factors that can add to the burden include grandchildren at home, demanding jobs, divorced friends and the changes our bodies undergo as we age. Those of us caught in these circumstances need to remember one thing that you hear on every flight you take: help yourself first! Whether you are putting on an oxygen mask, or caring for your family, unless you take care of yourself first, everything else is at risk. You are the bread that holds the sandwich generation together! Learn strategies to help you be resilient in the face of multiple demands and high stress.

Audience: Anyone dealing with multiple demands on their time and attention.

Time: 30-45 minutes

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