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And the Supporting Actor Award Goes to... You™
Listening skills to strengthen your personal and business relationships

We’ve all done it. Had a conversation, tried to listen, but were really just waiting for the other person to pause so that we could interject with our own experience or opinion. It’s natural to want to share as a helpful gesture. However, this is really what you are saying to your conversation partner: it’s all about me! Sales people, team managers, business owners, customers, street vendors, families; anyone can benefit from learning to use good listening skills. It strengthens relationships and reveals important insights that are on the surface of every human exchange. Julie reveals simple tools you can use in your key relationships to establish trust, improve communication, and build a mutual sense of appreciation that lasts.

Audience: General, sales people, team managers, business owners, customers, street vendors, families, etc.

Time: 30 minutes

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