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Turning Complaints into Commitments™
Discovering the truth behind complaints to better serve your clients and yourself

Most of us hear complaints of one sort or another every day. Many of us complain about something every day. It’s part of human nature. The truth is, complaints are really a way of communicating ideas. The language of complaints tells us and others what we cannot stand, as much as it explains what we stand for. The best approach to diffusing the negative language of complaints is to think about what commitments are hidden within a complaint. Julie leads a process of discovery to help participants leave themselves open to entertain the possibilities and dualities behind complaints. Discovering “the truth behind the complaint” will help you get ahead and turn negative thoughts into positive commitments to change and improvement.

Audience: General, anyone who complains or hears complaints, including customer service staff, receptionists, managers, executives, sales staff

Time: 30 minutes

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