Buy A Home


So you’re ready to buy a home? With outstanding innovation in recent years and interest rates still low, your timing may be just about perfect.

Some refrigerators now double as ovens, dehumidifiers can make purified drinking water out of thin air and whole-house automation, once possible from a central touchpad, can be done by smart phones remotely. LEED is a key national certification for the green housing trend, and there are also good regional programs with entire green communities.

The needs of retirees are gaining focus. Some newer executive-level, non‐retirement homes have features like wider doorways, main‐level master suites and even elevators so the homes are equipped to meet the needs of residents in their 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond. High‐rise, residential condominium communities increasingly resemble hotels, making hotel amenities and services like fitness rooms, spas, housekeeping and room service available to residents and their guests.

So the sky may be the limit in terms of selection, depending upon where you look. Simply begin by making a wish list, but be prepared to refine and prioritize as you go.

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