LoanFly Suite

LoanFly is comprised of integrated tools that take a loan from start to finish, with less effort, less work, and less paper. And everyone in the process stays connected to each other and to LOS, our proprietary mortgage origination system. The LoanFly product suite includes:

  • LoanFly App
  • LoanFly Borrower Portal
  • LoanFly LO Portal
  • LoanFly Partner Portal–Coming soon!

LoanFly App

Free, no fees to unlock features, and ready to go on iOS and Android devices, our LoanFly app jumpstarts everything. Why will you and your clients love the LoanFly app?

  • Clients can start their loan on their device or desktop – or even over the phone, then transition to a digital experience. (Or not! It's their loan, their way!)
  • Prequalificaton in minutes plus credit score sent direct to inboxes.
  • Payment calculators and home searches at their fingertips.
  • Quick-touch access to Borrower Portal for loan status updates and document uploads.

LoanFly Borrower Portal

Convenient, secure access that brings total transparency to the mortgage process, Borrower Portal streamlines what was once a clunky process.

  • 24/7 access to real-time loan updates and notifications.
  • Clients get complete control of their in-process loan.
  • Easily submit and track documentation in one place for less confusion and fewer requests for documents.
  • Boosts capacity to close loans in 10 days with less effort, less paper, and more speed.

LoanFly LO Portal

Check your pipeline on the go and on any device with full access to your clients' information.

  • Transparency between the LO and production team eliminates duplicate tasks and makes borrower documents available to everyone.
  • Direct communication with the client for prequalification letters, uploads, signatures, and more.
  • The portal's client-view mode mirrors what the client sees so the sales team can assist with questions and concerns quickly.