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Not all mortgages and mortgage lenders are the same.

Believe it or not, many people think all mortgages and all mortgage lenders are the same. Most people simply fill out the loan application put in front of them. Problem is, the paperwork is the same, but not all mortgages and mortgage lenders are. What happens after that paperwork matters…choose wisely.

Your home is a very big part of living.

A home does more than provide you and the people you love shelter. It defines your lifestyle, your friends, your kids’ schools, your leisure activities, your quiet time and so much more. Your home is truly where your heart is in more ways than one. That’s why financing your perfect place is just as important as selecting the property itself. In fact, the right mortgage loan can mean the difference between your house being a home, or it being, well, a worry.

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Gina can find you the ideal mortgage.

That’s why so many people choose to work with Gina Chavez of Cornerstone Home Lending. Just as the right real estate expert can find you the perfect home, Gina can find you the perfect mortgage. One that meets your financial requirements and time horizon. One you can live life with. Learn more about Gina.

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