Who I Am and Why I Do What I Do

Gina M. Chavez

Loan Officer
NMLS 203308

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Gina M. Chavez
Your Friend in the Mortgage Business

Not all mortgages and mortgage lenders are the same. That’s why when it comes to choosing someone to bring your dreams to reality, you’ll want to be picky. You’ll want someone who has been originating mortgage loans in the Phoenix Metro area since the mid-1990s. Someone who has helped people find the right mortgage. Someone that meets your financial requirements and time horizon. Someone you can live life with. That person is Gina M. Chavez.

Gina is a teacher at heart, and she has worked with literally thousands of people just like you in all stages of their lives. She is a life-stage specialist who takes the time to get to know you, your needs and your goals. Only that way can she recommend the right mortgage product for you. Then she keeps the ball rolling toward a speedy close during the mortgage process. Another thing? Work with Gina once and she is your resource for life. Many people call Gina for her wisdom and her network of people who also love helping others achieve their dreams.

And that’s really what it’s all about. Helping you live the best life you can in a home you love and can afford. One that provides you the equity for that big opportunity, that ultimate shot at freedom, that lofty dream that may come along in the years ahead. Gina lives for that—for the people she serves—and it’s exciting!

Her work style involves setting expectations, proactively trouble shooting the loan process and providing the degree hand-holding you want and need. Wrap all that in a big dose of communication and intense project management. Gina and her Support Team have a reputation for getting the job done with minimal fuss. That’s why people say, “Just call Gina.”

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