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John Polansky
Branch Manager
Senior Loan Officer
NMLS 684916
Licensed in Colorado and Wyoming

Office: 970.679.1553
[email protected]

Branch NMLS 1446929
5401 Stone Creek Circle
Loveland, Colorado 80538


Born in England and raised in Spain, John Polansky has lived in Loveland since the late 1990s, where he has made homeownership and real estate investing a reality for many people. Before settling in Colorado, John went to Brown University where he earned his Bachelor of Arts and began his lending career. That career has included awards such as Circle of Excellence, which he earned with attention to detail and focused customer service.

John spends his spare time taking advantage of the Colorado outdoors with activities such as swimming, hiking, and rowing. He enjoys being with his family and helping other families finance their homes. To potentially be one of them, contact John at 970.679.1553 or [email protected].



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