Jumbo Mortgage

With today’s low interest rates, jumbo loans have become increasingly popular. They allow some buyers to afford dream or luxury homes with larger, often non-conforming, mortgages at slightly higher interest rates than conventional loans. With fixed-rate jumbo loans, buyers can lock in current competitive rates and stable monthly payments for years to come.

Jumbo loans generally exceed the limits of conforming conventional, government-backed loans, which tend to be capped at $548,250 to $822,375. However, the amounts for these loan limits can change often and very in some higher cost areas. You can also currently find FHA-insured jumbo loans for amounts of up to $822,375 or up to the County Loan Limit, which offer some of the benefits of conventional FHA loans like a low down payment. However, buyers must generally make larger down payments to qualify for jumbo loans.

Benefits of Jumbo Loan:

  • Enable buyers to apply for larger home loans
  • More opportunity to negotiate fees and interest

What you Need:

  • Your driver’s license
  • Your social security card
  • Payment stubs for the past month
  • Contact information for your landlord
  • Copies of your past two tax returns if you are employed
  • Copies of your past three tax returns if you are self employed
  • An accounting of regular monthly bills, including account numbers
  • A profit and loss statement for the current year if you run a business
  • Three months of statements for all of your savings and investment accounts

Additional documentation may be requested.