Keith Ward
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    “Mr. Laird,
    I just wanted to let you know that you have an amazing team! I recently closed on the purchase of my home, and I was working with Keith Ward, Maribel Arevalo and Dane Bigner. This group was wonderful to work with! I work in the real estate industry and have had the opportunity of dealing with dozens of lenders every month. This team outshined them all! 

    First, they beat the other lender I was shopping by over a thousand dollars in fees. Then, despite the circumstances of my transaction (it was a HUD foreclosure); they were able to get my loan done within 2 weeks of getting the executed contract back from the seller. For most lenders I deal with, this would have been impossible given that it was and FHA loan! Additionally, the seller needed a HUD 48 hours prior to closing. When they were working the figures they discovered that I was leaving around $1,500 of seller concessions on the table. They were able to relock my loan at a lower interest rate and get new documents to the title company in time for me to close by my contract date! This also enabled my agent to get the BTSA that was offered, because we were able to close before that deadline expired as well. 

    This team's knowledge, foresight, experience and professionalism were evident every step of the way, and made what could have been a logistical disaster, a seamless and fluid transaction. I appreciated the empathy that they all exhibited, because, although I close loans every day in my profession, I am rarely on the other side, and at times can forget how hectic and stressful the whole process can be. They always kept me informed about where my loan was in process, and this helped assuage any distress on my part.

    Thank you for your part in creating such a great team. Keith, Maribel and Dane are a huge asset to your company. I will be referring anyone I come across to Cornerstone from now on! 

    Kind Regards,”
    - P.P.

    “When I first came to Keith about a loan, he helped me get my finances in order, talked me through every aspect of the process, and gave me the encouragement I needed to get the loan. Keith made my dream of having a secure home for my kids to grow up in come true. Thanks Keith.”
    - J.M.

    “Keith’s honesty and personal integrity far exceeds that of the average individual. During a drawn out closing/refinancing period, his actions never wavered from the straight path, and his flexibility in providing for our needs was exceptional.”
    - L.R.

    “Keith’s knowledge of what rates were going to do enabled me to shave over 2.5 points off our rate. We waited for 8 months to pull the trigger. Keith could have told us to close at a much higher rate and make the same amount of money. To me, this is exceptional.”
    - W.S.

    “Keith got us financing on our house the first time and did such an exceptional job, we used him to refinance. Keith is professional and polite. I will recommend him to anyone that is thinking about buying or refinancing a home.”
    - E.S.

    “Keith Ward is exceptional at his job. This is the second time we have worked with Keith and I could not have asked a better person to work with. He is very informative and knows his business.”
    - S.H.

    “Keith was very friendly and focused on customer satisfaction. He was also very creative and willing to assist me in any way.”
    - A.S.

    “Keith Ward was great to work with on my refinance. He was very helpful, polite, and courteous. I will gladly recommend him to all of my friends.”
    - J.W.

    “Keith kept up very well informed of our loan status and even checked on the completion of our house for us. Keith also provided us with detailed explanations of all the transactions and/or paperwork we needed to take care of. Most importantly Keith always returned our phone calls, making us feel as if we were his only customer.”
    - D.A.

    “Mr. Keith Ward was so outstanding, there was not anything that I had to do. He took care of everything and provided me with a painless home loan.”
    - L.J.

    “Keith was very efficient. I was on a very short deadline and he was fast, courteous, and direct. I was extremely pleased working with Mr. Ward.”
    - T.M.

    “Keith was such a wonderful help. He was very kind and understanding to both my mother and me. He never let us down in our time of need. Keith is GREAT.”
    - M.M.

    “Keith was absolutely fabulous. My husband and I had bad experiences with 2 previous mortgage companies before finding Keith. He helped out dreams become a reality.”
    - K.C.

    “Keith was always there. He answered the most mundane of questions with courtesy, patience, and professionalism. He also returned EVERY phone call. This was by far the easiest and smoothest loan experience I’ve ever had.
    - J.C.

    “Mr. Ward did an excellent job of keeping us informed of the status and terms of our loan. When we closed everything went very smooth because of how well Keith prepared us. He did a first-rate job.”
    - J.W.

    "I just wanted to extend a thank you to each of you. We closed on Monday on our home loan and it went very smoothly. Cornerstone was great to work with and I appreciate the effort to get me a great deal. You are both cordially invited at my new house whenever you want!"
    - T.P.

    "I just wanted to say a very special thank you to you all for a fantastic job you all did with the purchase of my house. Its been an absolute pleasure working with you all. I never would of thought that buying a house could of been so easy. I really feel that I have made 2 great friends and look forward to seeing you later. Thanks again guys, you have been great."
    - C.S.

    "This year marks the fourteenth year I have known Keith Ward of Conerstone and Keith Ward, a good friend.  Our early relationship began when Keith contacted me to help one of his many clients obtain insurance for their first home.  My initial thought concerning Keith's willingness to help his clients obtain my counsel was that his efforts to "go the extra mile" would be temporary.  Once he became established I would not hear from him any longer.  The years have proven me wrong in that assumption.  Keith continues to call even now, helping those he served four years and more ago to find insurance through my agency.  After fourteen years of having numerous opportunities to work with Keith's clients, I have never heard one negative comment about his service or personal character.  Why?  That answer is simple .  People can and do trust Keith Ward.  In fifteen years of working with people to insure their personal property, businesses, and lives, I think I'm qualified to say "I know a thing or two about trusting people".  In fact, I trust Keith Ward so much, I had him do the loan on my new home last year.  While I know many people in his business, I know of none better."
    Insurance Agent

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