Hansen Team
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    “I have worked with Kevin for years both as a client as well as in the capacity of an escrow assistant and now a real estate office manager, and he is absolutely amazing! He far exceeded my expectations in a loan officer! He is extremely informative and quick to give updates. I would recommend anyone that is getting a home loan to go through him! He take[s] all the guessing out of the loan process.”

    -Lerae G.

    “Please find this personal note to express my appreciation for the excellent customer service you both provided in getting this loan accomplished. I will certainly be a returning customer in the future and will give an enthusiastic recommendation to anyone I encounter who asks for loan advice.”

    -Bill H.

    “Kevin, Mallory, and everyone at Cornerstone made the homebuying process so easy and painless. I would recommend them to anyone. Kevin Hansen and his team are the best in the business!”

    -Gabrielle D.

    “Kevin Hansen, and his team at Cornerstone Home Lending, made our home buying process fantastic. We’ve purchased and re-financed several homes through other lenders in the past. This transaction was our best experience yet.”

    -Chad Y.

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