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    Mortgage Planning Questionnaire

    Answering these questions will help our team prepare financing options that meet your specific needs. We will work with you to integrate the financing that you select into your long and short-term financing goals and your payment and equity objectives.

    1. What is your best estimate for how long you might live in or own this home?
    2. Do you plan to make additional principal reduction payments in addition to your scheduled monthly mortgage payments?
    3. From the following, select all the financial goals you wish to achieve.
    4. Which of the following is most important regarding your mortgage financing? Select all that apply.
    6. Who should my team and I consider the primary contact during the loan process?
    Email is typically the most efficient way to communicate with our clients during the loan process. If there is a need for urgent communication, we will call you. If email is NOT a convenient means of communication with you, please specify your preferred method of contact.
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