Free Financial Workshops

Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc., in conjunction with the Fundamental Finance Academy is now offering a free in person workshop "What You Need to Know That You Didn't Learn in School" to clients. This workshop presented by Holly Novak of Fundamental Finance Academy is ideal for first time home buyers, people working to repair their credit, and anyone interested in learning about the fundamentals for personal financial success.

“What You Need to Know That You Didn’t Learn in School” will teach you how to:

  • Eliminate debt
  • Stop living paycheck to paycheck
  • Create a budget
  • Understand and manage your credit score so you can get the best rates
  • Save money for an emergency fund, retirement, and/or education
  • Pay your bills in less than one hour a week
  • Get organized
  • Understand the benefits offered to you through your employer

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