About Priority Home Lending LLC

After interviewing nearly two dozen mortgage companies, John L. Scott Real Estate chose Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc. to provide in-house mortgage services to their clients. A joint partnership between the two stellar companies, Priority Home Lending, LLC. now offers their clients convenient and top-notch service backed with support from one of the nation’s premier non-bank mortgage companies.

About John L. Scott Real Estate
John L. Scott Real Estate was founded in 1931 and is currently led by third generation chairman and CEO, J. Lennox Scott. John L. Scott has over 100 offices and more than 2,600 sales associates in the states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

About Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc.
Founded in 1988 and based in Houston, Texas, Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc. is an accomplished, full-service mortgage lender with over 100 branches in 21 states.  In 2012, Cornerstone was ranked the 12th largest retail non-bank lender in the U.S. based on retail production volume.*
Together, these two companies are able to provide you unparalleled service through Priority Home Lending, LLC.!

*2012 rankings, Mortgagestats.com

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After interviewing nearly two dozen mortgage companies...

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