The Beck Team
Branch NMLS 322369
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    About The Beck Team
    Tom Beck
    Senior Loan Officer
    NMLS 280374

    Office: 970.313.1330
    Cell: 970.590.6080
    Fax: 866.422.4556
    [email protected] 

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    Renee Perkins
    Transaction Coordinator
    NMLS 1027435

    Office: 970.313.1325
    Fax: 866.792.7419
    [email protected] 

    About Renee


    Kersten Tennessen
    Production Associate
    NMLS 1807610

    Direct: 970.623.7048
    Cell: 970.590.3314
    [email protected] 

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    Kim Sannes

    Office: 970.797.3330
    [email protected] 

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