Dear Dan,
I wanted to take a second to thank you for all your help the last few months. I'm not sure how you do it. You must have a few clones of yourself in order to do the things you do. I think you answered your phone 9 out of the last 10 times I called you. No voice mail or calls back the next day. And when we talked you didn't just talk for a second or minute, you probably spent hours on the phone with me even before you had closed a deal. The insight and knowledge that you shared with me has saved me over $900 a month not to mention shaving 10 years off one of my loans. Mostly, I appreciate that you volunteered this information regardless if I was going to deal with you or not. Lastly, you must have a mind like a steel trap. Every time I talked to you, no matter how long it had been, you always seem to remember the particulars. Like the interest rate I was currently paying or the state of my finances. You even called me the day after my son's Pinewood Derby Race, that I mentioned in a conversation, to see how he did. You have provided extremely knowledegable, valuable, personal service that I didn't think existed anymore. I will recommend you to anyone of my friends looking to buy in the future!
-Edward G. Seattle, WA

As many people do, we began the home buying process with great trepidation. Fiscally conservative by nature, we knew we needed to buy a home. We wanted to buy a home. However, the question that we kept on asking ourselves was, is this the right time for us to buy? Despite our concerns, we couldn't have asked for a better partner in this process than Dan Walsh and his team. He was there every step of the way to answer our many questions and explain the nuances of the often-confusing world of home lending. Dan spent many hours walking us through each step of the somewhat overwhelming process, making it much less intimidating than we had imagined. He went the extra mile, regularly advising us of interest rate changes that could benefit us and helped us choose the right time to lock in our rate, which we were able to get at a very low percentage. He even made arrangements for us to do much of the paperwork and exchange of documents according to our schedules, after hours and on weekends. The end result was a place of our own that exceeded expectations. We're extremely pleased with the care and attention to detail that Dan provided. We couldn't be happier with our new home and give kudos to Dan and his team for making it come true!
-James J. and Serenity H.
Seattle, WA

I just bought my first home and used Dan Walsh and Cornerstone for all my financing needs. My experience with Dan was superb. He deftly led me through all the industry jargon to ensure I understood all the costs and benefits to the various options I had available to me. He was very responsive to all my requests and knew many of my questions before I even asked them. There were also some slight complications with the sellers during my home purchase, and even with this inconvenience Dan was able to help me navigate through everything very smoothly. I would highly recommend using Dan for your mortgage financing needs.
-Nathaniel and Dana H.

Fast, professional, and very helpful with all my questions as a first time home buyer. :)

Dan has provided exceptional service to my family and he has helped me navigate the mortgage process with ease and confidence. The experience has been so positive that I now recommend him to all friends and have him listed as the first point of contact for all my remodel and construction customers.