Andrew Ryan
Who's In Your Corner?

Andrew Ryan

Loan Originator/Sales Operations Manager, NMLS 178296
Call/Text: 949.735.1180
Office: 949.260.5252
[email protected]

Andrew Ryan is a Loan Originator and Sales Operations Manager, known for a rare combination of skills in both sales and operations. With more than 25 years in the industry, Andrew boasts encyclopedic knowledge of many loan programs, along with the practical experience to support the HLC Team in delivering a smooth and expedient loan process, from application to closing. With a strong desire to help others reach their goals, Andrew guides his team of loan officers, providing seasoned insight and motivation to help make homeownership dreams come true.

Born in New York, Andrew was raised in California and proudly calls it home. Outside of work, you’ll most likely find him outdoors, hiking, cycling or just enjoying life with his wife and their grandchildren.

The HLC Team

Who's in Your Corner?

The Home Loan Experience

For most people, the purchase of a home is the largest investment they will make in their lifetime. While a little daunting, the purchase of a home is a major life event and should be exciting. The support of experienced professionals can make the transaction of a home purchase enjoyable and memorable. The HLC Team focuses on providing an outstanding home loan experience. From finding the right loan for individual needs to educating and communicating at key touchpoints throughout the financing process, we are committed to providing an outstanding experience.

Our Colleagues

We partner with other quality professionals to enhance your home purchase experience. From working with our Realtor® partners and keeping them advised throughout the loan process to providing recommendations for services as you prepare to move into your home, we want to help make your transition easy and efficient.

Our Community

The HLC Team lives and works in the Foothills communities. We are your neighbors, fellow Rotary and Chamber members and can usually be seen after hours juggling the same demands of family life. We believe in giving back. That is why we make a concerted effort to sponsor and participate in athletic, school and charitable events in our communities. We are committed to ensuring that our communities remain beautiful, comfortable and safe for our residents.

Our Commitment

To be a true mortgage partner by:

  • Identifying the right loan for the transaction
  • Communicating throughout the loan process
  • Providing an annual review to help continually manage the largest debt of a lifetime