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Team Johnston

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Lock Your Loan In Real Time

We can give you peace of mind while you find a place you really love. With our Lock, Shop, and Go program, you can secure an interest rate for longer than the standard lock period. Plus, you don't need a contract to lock your terms!


  • Guarantees your rate for 90 or 120 days without requiring a fully executed contract*
    *A property needs to be identified within 30 days of lock expiration. For real estate industry professionals only; not for distribution to consumers.
  • Takes away the stress of a short-term rate lock for a better buying experience
  • If rates fall, you have the option to “float down” to a lower rate 30 days before closing when locking on a 120-day lock

Eligible Programs and Terms

  • Conventional, FHA, and VA with 15-year or 30-year fixed rates
  • USDA with 30-year fixed rates
  • Purchase transactions only

Other Requirements

  • Borrower pays an upfront fee of 0.500% on a 120-day lock – Refundable if they aren’t approved for the loan
  • Loan must close and fund before the lock expires

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