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Seller Buydown Program

Want a better offer on your home? Sell your home faster - at asking price or more - with a seller-paid buydown.

How it Works:

  • A 2/1 buydown temporarily reduces the buyer’s mortgage interest rate the first two years of the loan.
  • The temporary buydown is paid for by the seller as an incentive to purchase your home.
  • The buyer’s monthly mortgage payments will be reduced the first two years of the mortgage, allowing them to pay full price for your home.

When Does a Seller-Paid Buydown Make Sense?

  • Mortgage rates are trending higher, making affordability more difficult for buyers.
  • Home sales are slowing down, resulting in higher competition among sellers.
  • The seller wants to attract more buyers without reducing their asking price.
  • There’s a potential to increase the seller’s profit with a buydown strategy.

We'll crunch the numbers and help you decide if a seller-paid buydown is right for you. Contact Team Johnston to learn more.