Loan Types

For many, homeownership means investing in the future. The equity you build is yours to keep and while it may be more challenging to buy a home early in life, owning a home offers the potential to help build a healthy financial future and peace of mind.

The first stage in applying for a mortgage is typically prequalifying for one. Your credit score determines your interest rate, loan choices and your minimum down payment. Ultimately, the maximum size of your loan amount will be determined by your debt-to‐income ratio (DTI), which is the percentage of monthly gross income that goes towards paying debts. In general terms, the lower your DTI, the more you may be eligible to borrow and the more financing options may be available to you.

You will typically need items you can see at the following link: Loan Checklist.

If you are self-employed, optimizing your savings, credit score, down payment; minimizing your debts; and maintaining an up-to-date profit‐and-loss statement is a good strategy. Your income will generally be computed using your past two tax returns.

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