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As You Shop For Your Home Loan...

Ask the Right Questions of Your Mortgage Lender

  1. What are the total points and origination fee for the interest rate you’ve quoted?
  2. Can I lock in the interest rate and points you’re quoting me over the telephone today?
  3. How many days are the interest rate and points locked in for?

  4. Do you have a written agreement that locks in my interest rate and points? Fax me the Agreement.
  5. What are the exact charges that will show up on my settlement statement at closing that pertain to you and your investor? Fax me the detailed list of charges.
  6. Does your company make the loan approval or underwriting decision, or is my loan approval made by your investor?
  7. How many days will it take to obtain a formal loan approval?
  8. Does your company disburse its own funds at closing?
  9. How many full-time employees does your company have?
  10. Is your company a member of the Better Business Bureau?

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