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Best Lending Team Ever! Sam and his team were AWESOME to work with. Very responsive to all of our needs. He even was able to speed up the process and get our closing done over a week and a half earlier than originally scheduled! By FAR the BEST lending team I have ever worked with!!

- Jesse C. 

Thank you guys for everything! This was almost too easy. I really appreciate it and will definitely be recommending you to anyone I know looking to potentially purchase a new home. Thanks again!!

- Dara D. 

Cornerstone has been an absolute blessing! Thank you so much for the Starbucks, came in handy this morning for sure! I am absolutely thrilled with how smoothly this process has gone! I hope this is the first of many houses I finance through Cornerstone! 
This service provided has exceeded customer service I can’t even find the words to describe the service provided!!!! Sam your team is amazing! 
Again thank you! 

- Justin C. 

Thank you!! It was so great working with you and the whole team. You made this process so easy--other times I've closed on houses it's been a nightmare! 

- Lisa R.

Thank you for the info Sara, it helps out a lot. And thanks for all the help from you, Sam, and the rest of the team. The house buying process is always a bit stressful, but you all have helped alleviate that! 

- Nathan B.

Oh goodness I want to cry..THANK YOU THANK YOU..so very much..our dreams are finally going through..You are the absolute best. It's the best news I have ever got. Thank you from the bottom of our heart. 

- Danny and Chrystal S. 

Thank you for all your help throughout this process. You have done a great job of keeping everything organized and making the processes as painless as possible. 

Thank you for everything, 

- Sandra W.

Thanks for all your help and guidance. It was great working with you as well. We greatly appreciate your professionalism and proficiency in getting us to close. 

- Lawrence E.

The staff Sam has is amazing! Everyone has been really helpful and so responsive… I will be sending my daughter and son-in-law your direction as they own a home in Oklahoma City and are looking to get into a larger house…

I have worked with several lenders in the past and this group is far and above the best. I am updated regularly and BEFORE I ask the questions…I get all the information I need.

Thanks again. 

- Kelley B.

Thank you so much Sara!! I really appreciate you guys working with me through all of this. You have done a fantastic job and I can't say enough about how great you, Sam and the whole team have been!!! I will definitely recommend your services to anyone I know that is looking to purchase a home.

Thank you so much again!!

- Ashley B.

I wanted to thank you and your team once again for taking such great care of us and patiently educating us through our home purchase! I am happy the dust is settling, and grateful for the detailed attention that you and your company deliver. Well done! And thanks for taking care of my friends in the same fashion! 
- Jason C.

Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks to you and your team for making the recent close on our house a painless process. We felt like the entire thing went very smoothly and we really appreciate all the hard work from everyone on your staff. I would not hesitate to refer anyone that is looking for mortgage services to you in the future.
- Stephen P.

Just wanted to tell you and the Sam Bursch Team thank you! Being a single mom, I know that buying a home is something that needed to be done to give my daughter a [sense] of security and place to call home as she grows up. [A]nd with the help from Cornerstone, we together made this happen. I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am to have had such a kind and knowledgeable team of professionals behind me. 
- Julie D.

Thanks for all your help! This is the easiest loan I have ever received. You and your team made the entire process seamless. Thanks again.
- Cathy

I would like to thank you all for everything you have done to help me achieve my dream of owning a home! Thank you for making this process such a breeze. It was very unexpected to receive all the sweet and personal gifts from you all. I appreciate it all so much. You all are by far the best lender I have ever used and will continue to use you for any future financing. I recommend cornerstone to my friends and family. Thank you all again!
- Autumn and family

Thanks guys for all the help. I appreciate you Sam!! This was much easier then the nightmare we went through 2 months ago. Have a good weekend. And don't work all weekend either....
- Tracy

Sam, Thank you so much!  You have done a wonderful job on the file and your communication skills are out of this world. I hope to be able to make use of your services again.
- Pat

You do not realize how much we appreciate you always having instructions to us early.  It is so wonderful! 
- Shavonne

Thank you for the good news. I really appreciate both you and Sam. You both do a fantastic job. I have noticed that more and more Home Creations Community Managers are using your team. Please tell Sam thanks, also.
- Jack

Dear Sam,
Thank you for making our experience getting our VA home loan smooth & pleasant. Our first experience was a disaster and we dreaded trying again. But, I believe you changed our outlook and I will recommend you to my friends. Thank you for explaining things like you did in detail. I appreciate it so much! Thanks again, God bless you!
‐ Chiara, Hoyt, and Conrad
p.s. Please thank the rest of your team members!!! 

I just wanted to thank everyone for your diligence, cooperation, proactivity,  professionalism and most of all the communication that you have all shown during the short course of this transaction thus far. I commend all of you and can only wish that the rest of the escrow I have to deal with were as pleasant. Your communication skills have proven to be the best so far out of all the escrows that we have closed. As a Senior Escrow Officer, I appreciate all your efforts, open mindedness, friendly and proactive approach and attitude during this escrow!
Respectfully and Sincerely,
- Sheelagh

Brent and I and the boys are moved into the house and we are loving it! I just wanted to say thank you for all your help in making this happen for us. We truly enjoyed doing business with you! 
- Erin & Brent

I'm all moved in and love the house!  I wanted to thank you for all your help through this process-you were great and I really appreciate it!  I hope you have an absolutely fabulous week!
Thanks again, 

Sara, I would like to thank you for the fantastic job you have done. You kept my mind at ease the whole process. My friends always told me what an extremely difficult process buying a house is and the extreme stress. I wish they had met you. The whole process was very relaxing. Thank you for being so awesome at what you do.

Thank You So much Sir I know you do this all the time but we cannot express how much we appreciate all your help and understanding for our lack of knowledge in this process!!!!

I love these updates! Thanks & Happy New Year! 

Awesome! You rock, Sam!

Thank you for working so hard for us.
Al and Tung

Sam, WOW! Break out the band...excellent-great-tremendous...you are a man of your word! THANK YOU! 

You rock Sam! Thank you soooo….much! Sally, my realtor, has your card and will send you the listing.  All is going well. 
Thanks again!

Sam, Thank you very much.  I have never worked with a lender that is more on top of things than you and your team.  You go out of your way to make things happen, when often times others would just offer an excuse.  I am truly amazed at your efforts - in addition, the time frame in which you operate.  
You can expect more of my buyers in the future. 
Thanks again!! 
- Brandon

Excellent! Thanks, Lana! We appreciate all of great work you guys have done. The weekly updates have made this process so easy.
Thanks again!
- Mike

Man am I glad we are blessed to have you handling this side of it for us...all I am capable of doing is selling the home and referring them to the expert for their loan needs....
Thank God for Sam Bursch!!!! :-)
- Kim 

We want to thank you for everything you guys did for us, making this as near painless as possible. Thank you. 
- Colleen and Richard

Liz and I are so grateful to you and the rest of the Bursch team for helping us get such a great deal on our home refinance. We wanted to bring in some breakfast for you and the team tomorrow if you think that would be a good idea… Thanks again!!!
- AJ and Liz

Unbelievable!! Contract (VA LOAN) was written on December 14th..  amazing that you could close it that fast!! 
Thank you!! 

Good afternoon. I just wanted to send a quick “Thank You” for adding me to your email distribution. It is very refreshing to receive information in a brief easy to read format. 

… Just wanted to let you know they already gave us a big complement. They mentioned you two by name & said all 3 of us have done a great job keeping them in the loop & were very nice & professional! They said we have already made this ‘very easy’ on them. Good job guys!!
- Realtor 

WOW!  What good service you have given both to me and the buyer. I have not had this kind of service in a long time. Your assistant was so nice every time she called. Please send me some of your cards as I would like to give them to my customers.
- Pat

Good Morning Sam, Just a quick note to say thanks for the Mortgage Time report you send out weekly.  It is easy to follow and just the right length to keep the attention of average folks like me.
- Shelley

We want you to know that we also appreciate your hard work and time you devote to our customers!
- Kurt

Sam, appreciate the help and I am overdue passing on my thanks to you and your team I have been in and out all summer and fortunate to move my kids into a great new community.
- Peter

Sam, I just wanted to send you a short note saying thank you for all of your help and assistance in helping my family to get our first home! We love it and could not be happier. Thanks a lot!
The P Family

Hi Sam, Melissa and Lana, I just want to thank you for all your help and the wonderful customer service we received during the process of refinancing our home. I am very impressed and I will refer my buyers to you. It was a great experience. 
Thanks again.
- Bea

---Thanks, All! American Eagle, once again you have done amazing work ~ satisfying all parties ~ and TWO Full Work days ahead of Closing!! 
Thank you, 
- Kim

Thank the lender. They had instructions and packet ready super early! Thanks everyone!

Yes, hats off to Cornerstone for being ahead of schedule…AGAIN! 
Thank you, ALL!


Excellent! Thanks for everything Sara! Everyone on this team has made this such a pleasant and stress-free experience. I'll look for the final number later and settle up at the bank afterward.
Thanks again!
- Mike

Everyone was thrilled.  It was nice to see a wire here early in the morning (especially after a banking holiday)!


Thank you for your help with these closings this morning! Everybody seemed happy when they left! Sam… It is a pleasure working with you! See you soon!
- Shavonne

Sam- I can't thank you enough for spending time with my mom and I yesterday to go over my loan application.  I was quite concerned when I walked into your office, but you made a point to be clear, thorough and honest with me about the process and where I stand.  It was obvious that you truly care about your clients/potential clients and it is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to talking with you. Thank you again!

We have Cornerstone Mortgage which provides all of our buyers with excellent service. Furthermore, NHH never has to worry about losing a closing. Month after month the majorities of outside lenders do nothing but lie about the status of our buyers and there is nothing we can do except make our buyers mad and ruin their whole home buying process. Cornerstone has shown that it is quite capable of closing Doctors, Lawyers, Sales Managers, self employed people, Indians, Asians, Americans, Canadians, Russians, auto mechanics, etc. We all need to do our job and support our sister company. By supporting Cornerstone Mortgage, our whole process runs a lot smoother and, oh yes, you have happy home owners and get paid quicker. 

… closing couldn’t have gone better!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work it has been a pleasure working with all of you. Chris and I are very happy and will refer you any chance we get, we are so happy to have it all over and now we can get our very much needed shop started!!! 
Chris and Jody 

Thank you for the updates!!! I really appreciate them... Since this is my first house I have no clue how the process works. So it's a good thing you're keeping me informed!  And happy to hear you had a good weekend!!!! :)
- Traci

Thank you so much for handling this.  First time I've ever had that happen (in 26 years, I might add!)
- Kristal

Thanks Melissa, you guys are awesome!
- Jenny

You're amazing… man of the hour. Thank you so so much! We will keep you posted.

thanks for the updates, love getting these. Especially when there’s so many and there all good : ) Thanks for all you do and make it a great weekend!
- Dean

Thank you, you are the very best. I'm so glad I have you to deal with during this stressful time in my life. You've made things so, so easy for me! Merry Christmas

… You are great to work with.  We like using a lender that stays on top of things.

Each time I work with you group I never even have to pick up the phone - you beat me to it - I have never had anything but a perfect closing with you!
The Professionals @ KW Edmond

Sam, thanks for calling. I appreciate you as well, and for having such a great staff. This process has been very comfortable and I knew it would be after meeting you the first time. Hope you also have a great weekend.
Thank You, 

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