Our Mission

We exist to use and improve upon our God-given talents to make a positive difference to the lives of our team members, customers, shareholders and the people who provide services to us.

Our Vision

The Cornerstone Lending Team will be recognized as the nation's best home lender in terms of customer satisfaction, on-time closings, team member retention and reputation among our peers. We will experience significant, sustained, and profitable growth.

We will attract and retain the highest quality team members and will empower them through communication, training, and guidance. With hard work, a passionate commitment to excellence, and persistence without exception, we will collectively accomplish something extraordinary that could not have been done individually. We will experience the sheer joy and excitement of building our country's best home-lending entity. We will be respected and admired by our team members, customers, and our peers. We will build the best support systems, utilize the best technologies and surround ourselves with the best team members as we accomplish our goals.

We will create a fulfilling workplace where our team members willingly go the extra mile because of the value they provide and their pride of ownership in a job well done. We will be viewed as the most REMARKABLE home lender in America because of our passion for excellence and the important accomplishments we achieve daily. Together, we will systematically build a company that attracts and retains team members who reflect Cornerstone's Mission, Vision & Convictions and are energized by helping others. Our team members, customers, shareholders and the people who provide services to us will know, without any doubt, that Cornerstone has made a positive difference in their individual lives.

Our Convictions

We Conduct Ourselves with Honesty and Integrity

  • We honor our commitments
  • We do what's ethically and morally right
  • We accept responsibility and hold each other accountable

We Serve Our Customers

  • We make our services available to all customers on a consistent, appropriate, and fair basis
  • We provide a remarkable customer experience
  • We are a trusted advisor who listens, then provides advice and loan products that meet the financial needs of our customers
  • We meet the agreed-upon closing date
  • We support the success of our referral partner customers
  • We stay in consistent contact with our customers

We Respect and Care for Our Team

  • We lead by serving
  • We value our team members and encourage their input and ideas
  • We support the growth and success of our loan originators
  • We embrace and foster an entrepreneurial spirit
  • We help our team members during personal crisis
  • We create a supportive and happy workplace

We Have a Passion for Excellence

  • In the service delivery to our customers
  • In the development of efficient processes
  • In profitable business growth
  • In being the best