Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

We honor God by using our talents to make a positive difference in the lives of our Team Members, Clients, Shareholders, Communities, and the People who provide services to us.

Our Vision

The Family is a caring, client-centric, diversified, and high-performing financial services company built to provide stability through any economic cycle for generations to come. We operate from a place of peace with discipline.

We succeed as a Team by earning the trust of Clients, exceeding their expectations, and earning referrals to serve even more Clients.

Our entrepreneurial spirit, refreshing culture, efficient processes, total Team Member engagement, and outstanding leadership teams propel ’s sustained success and profitable growth.

We are growers who create a fulfilling workplace that attracts, develops, and retains the highest quality talent.

We support our Team Members’ professional and personal growth through training, consistent communication, empowerment, and guidance.

We help our Team Members build individual legacies of service and kindness that will have a lifelong impact on millions of people.

Together, Our Team Members strive to build a remarkable company with a reputation that inspires prospective Team Members and Clients to seek us out to become their preferred workplace and financial services provider.

With hard work, a caring heart for service, continuous improvement, and a passionate commitment to excellence, our Team Members collectively focus every day on achieving something extraordinary: the joy and excitement of building the industry’s best company in terms of Team Member satisfaction, Client satisfaction, performance, regulatory excellence, and reputation among our peers.

Our Convictions

We Live & Lead with Honesty + Integrity

  • We honor our commitments.
  • We do what’s ethically and morally right.
  • We take responsibility and make it right.
  • We make our services available on a fair basis to members of the communities we serve.

We Respect & Care for Our People

  • We lead by serving.
  • We invest in the growth of our Team Members to empower them to build lasting legacies.
  • We encourage input and ideas from our Team Members.
  • We stand by our Team Members in times of need.
  • We create a fulfilling workplace and have FUN together!

We Go All‐Out Because We Are All‐In

  • We embrace and foster an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • We bring our best every day because mediocrity is not an option.
  • We meet or exceed our Clients’ expectations and deadlines.
  • We take ground and don’t build fences.
  • Everything we do increases the value and attractiveness of our brand.

We Are Wise Stewards

  • We make strategically sound business decisions.
  • We consistently focus on profitable and sustainable growth.
  • We develop processes and technology that make work easier.
  • We don’t waste time. It’s a precious resource.
  • We increase our generosity as our business grows.