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Even as a seasoned Real Estate Broker, it felt like a huge obstacle when I was planning my 1031 Exchange. Of my concerns, the loan for my purchase was one of the major factors, and it all came together thanks to the help from my Cornerstone Team. It is a big relief to have my long distance rental properties out of Washington DC, and consolidated into a single investment here in town. I am so pleased with my purchase and I appreciate all of the hard work Kelly Marsh put into making it a reality. It was a true pleasure working with her and her team.

Justin C., Real Estate Broker

Kelly and her team were amazingly helpful and responsive throughout the process. They pulled up various loan scenarios for us and were always ready to discuss our many concerns. Thanks for making our home buying process as seamless as possible!

AJ and Avni

What an amazing experience. Not only did we take on a home loan with Cornerstone... but it was quick! They helped us efficiently get all the paperwork together in a timely manner so that we had the best chance. 28-day escrow doesn't happen often... we picked the right team to help us! Phone calls, emails and walk ins were all handled with care and ease. Questions and questions and more questions were answered always with our best interest in mind. We can't thank them enough for the compassion, care, and the perfect start, middle and I would say end... but it doesn't end; they still answer our emails and questions 6 months later when things come up as first-time buyers that we aren't sure about. Thank you for being beyond helpful and amazing!!!

Laura and Erik

Thank you so much to Kelly Marsh and her team at Cornerstone Home Lending. Our loan process was fast and efficient and required such little effort on our part. Cornerstone was in constant communication with us regarding any information they needed and with status updates after each step. We are thrilled with our new house.

Don and Tori

Kelly Marsh, and her whole team, are wonderful! I have recommended them to my friends and family, and will continue to. I'm extremely happy with the way I am treated, the level of knowledge they have and give to me, and their quick response time. I've now gone with Kelly Marsh for 3 loans, that says it all.

LeeAnne R.

Kelly and her team made a tough borrowing climate an efficient and painless experience. Great rates and TLC every step of the way. Thank you!

John E.

She is knowledgeable and direct. Just the facts. No hard sell, but very proactive in getting the best deal.

Alessandro M.

Kelly was awesome! She explained everything clearly and put me at ease about the entire process, which could have been daunting and overwhelming instead.

Pamala O.

Kelly and her team were on top of things throughout the process, identifying, anticipating, and/or solving issues. They persisted, even when seemingly insurmountable obstacles arose. Their communication was first rate.

Matthew B.

Kelly and her entire team were highly competent and fantastic to work with. They were all very professional and personal. I was always kept current on loan details and status, and the team was always looking out for my interests in the loan process. I worked with 4 different people and all were outstanding. Thanks for facilitating my home purchase.

Gregory T.

Overall great experience...everything done in a timely manner with constant timeline updates always keeping us in the loop.

Shannon M.

Everyone I talked to was always happy and willing to help and even when I needed help figuring out my paperwork didn't make me feel like I was a burden.

Jennifer S.

My experience with Kelly Marsh & her team was great! They made it so easy for me! I would highly recommend Kelly Marsh to anyone looking for a home loan.

Sharon Z.

This was our first experience buying our first home. Before my first face to face meeting with Kelly Marsh, I was initially very nervous about the process. The whole thing pretty much scared me. But we were warmly greeted by Kelly's front office staff, made to feel welcome and they even offered us refreshments. And after sitting down with Kelly, I was immediately put at ease. She treated us like we were the most important part of her day and she let us know right up front that she was there for us and had our best interests at heart. And I came to know that she wasn't feeding us lip service, because she and her entire staff took extremely good care of us. Somebody was always in contact with us, giving us updates and important information about how things were going. We never had to wonder. And they were also full of advice regarding how we could help ourselves moving forward. I will say that they made us jump through a lot of hoops, but in the end, it takes me back to what Kelly said in that first meeting. She said they were there for us and she kept her promise.

Steve S.