Team Member Testimonials

December 2014

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to work for such an excellent company. In my 30-year mortgage career, I can strongly say that this is the best company I have ever worked for. I love working for Cornerstone and, hopefully, I will retire from this company.
-Karim Lakhani, Closer

I am so honored to work for the best company ever!
-Steve Daniels, Mortgage Advisor

I love Cornerstone and the past twenty years have flown by. I can’t’ think of anywhere else I’d rather be.
-Lucy Holt, Senior Processor

Just wanted to thank you for all that you do for our company and me and my team! You sent me to Boot Camp last year, and I made about 40% more this year because of it.
-Tim Lombardo, Senior Mortgage Banker

I love working with you and the rest of the team.
-Dean Johnson, Regional President l Production

I wanted to express my sincerest thanks for making Cornerstone the happiest place on Earth to work. I have truly have had the greatest experience. This truly does feel like family. I have made friendships working here that I will cherish for life.
-Karen Moore, Regional Underwriter

Thank you to everyone who bent over backwards to get this $1,284,750 jumbo loan from application to closing in 14 business days during the holidays! Our performance on this loan file will pay dividends in 2015, well beyond this loan’s closing. We impressed two high-end Real Estate Agents and the Borrower. This is a true testament to what a great Team we have at Cornerstone! I appreciate the support everyone provided. I can’t thank you enough!
-Mark Townsend, Senior Loan Officer

Thank you and thank you for everything you do to make this greatest place to work. Wouldn’t trade the last 11 years for anything!
-Andy Woodside, Vice President l Branch Manager

I feel fortunate to be part of this great and thoughtful company.
-Marcia Din, Director of Operations and Implementation

Cornerstone is a great company! I have many extremely fond memories and would not trade my experiences and friends made for anything. I know Cornerstone will continue to be successful! A most happy 2015 to you both!
-Gordon Gilbert

It has been a great honor to work for such a wonderful company. I look forward to the future years of being a part of the Cornerstone family.
-Shawn Hugonnett, Capital Markets Analyst

Working for Cornerstone these last 10 years has truly been the highlight of my 30-year mortgage career: I have certainly been blessed. I appreciate all that you do to instill a sense of family within Cornerstone, and I feel lucky to be a part of it.
-Lorraine Courtney, Investor/Agency Resolution

It has been such a pleasure working for a company that is not afraid to show its core values. My team is thrilled to death to be working here.
-Karen Monroe, Mortgage Loan Officer

Thank you for all the nice things you do. This is such a great place to work.
-Wendee Myers, RESPA Auditor

I have been here for 15 years and have witnessed you both truly making a difference in people’s lives . . . which includes mine! Thank you for letting me be a part of this experience.
-Dede Goodwin, Human Resources Director

So happy to be here!
-Leslie Meech, Branch Manager

I want to thank you again for creating an environment and culture that acts out its values and missions statement and does not leave them as just words on a piece of paper. Working with the Cornerstone family truly is a blessing.
-Kathy Lynn Halkins, Creative Director

Cornerstone has enriched my life; my efforts come from a deep passion to return the blessing.
-Tammy Pullen, Senior Vice President | National Underwriting Manager

I am very excited to be part of the Cornerstone Family!
-Ninah Hunter, Loan Officer

I am very fortunate to work at such a wonderful company and on an amazing team.
-Anna Chan, Executive Assistant

You are both very generous and caring people. I feel very blessed to work at Cornerstone. Thank you for all the support over the past 10 years. I love working for the Bravo team. They truly support their originators, and I always feel that they care about my success. Honored to be here 10 years.
-Lisa Kassuba, Senior Loan Officer

It has been 5 incredible years of fun, family and knowledge in both creativity and the home loan business! Thank you again for the awesome anniversary treats!
-Erich Hoff, Senior Graphic Designer

Thank you so much for letting me work here!
-Charlotte Metoyer, Payroll

I appreciate the opportunity to work for Cornerstone and with Sharla Ellis. Thank you so much for expressing appreciation for my efforts and showing an interest especially with so many employees who work to make this a successful company on a daily basis. I truly appreciate you.
-Susan Eaton, Office Manager

Thank you so much for reaching out to me yourself to welcome me into the Cornerstone family. I am so happy to see that the company really is built on a foundation of integrity and hard-working, good people. It is difficult to express just how excited I am for all of the great challenges and opportunities in front of me and my team.
-Don Snyder, Administration

Cornerstone is an EXCELLENT company to work for.
-Carolyn McElvain, Senior Loan Processor

I am blessed to work for such a great company!
-Andrea Childers, Senior Loan Processor

There is nothing better than working for a company that shows its appreciation for all and really cares about its employees.
-Brittany Hinojosa, Accounting Department

Thank you for letting me work for such a great company.
-Tammy Bartoszewicz, Loan Officer Assistant

It’s my third day here now, and everyone has been so welcoming and so helpful. Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity to be part of the team.
-Debbie Seime, Vice President & Controller

Grateful to be part of Cornerstone and excited about the future.
-Dan Reagan, Area Manager

I am very honored to work for such an outstanding company.
-Molly Oelschlager, Branch Manager

It has been a joy working for Cornerstone!
-Connie Templeton, Warehouse Banking Accounting

Thanks for the privilege to work at CHL. I am so glad you recruited me 20 years ago. I am so glad for all we have shared. This is a special place, and your leadership has made it possible. Thanks for all the support you have given to me as well. I truly love this place and the people in it.
-Nancy Newhard, Senior Loan Officer

It’s an honor to work for such a great company!
-Sara Hickman, Loan Processor

It has been a wonderful first year.
-Christina Ledesma, Loan Officer

Thank you for the goodies I received today for the fifteen (15) years of service at the Cornerstone family. It sure has gone by fast. It brought tears to my eyes to receive them [gift card and flowers] both. It was really wonderful to have received your personal phone call today, too. It has been a pleasure to be here at Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc., and I look forward to giving it my best in the future years to come.
-Mary Bullacher, Loan Servicing Department

I appreciate my Cornerstone Family. Looking forward to many more years.
-Blanca Davila, Set-ups

It is a pleasure to work for such a great company that puts its employees first.
-Kimberly Rehor, Regional Operations Manager

This is an amazing company.
-John Ballard, Senior Vice President

I wanted to say “Thank You” for the anniversary gifts - such a great surprise. I really should be sending you gifts for allowing me to be a part of the Cornerstone Family for all these years. I love this place (Meaning: Everyone that makes up the Cornerstone Family). I am truly blessed.
-Emmah Hunt, Production Assistant