Team Member Testimonials

January 2014

I am really excited to have joined the Cornerstone Family. I have to share with you my experience so far has exceeded all my expectations and Cornerstone continues to impress me every day. Looking forward to great things with Cornerstone. 
-Carlos Velez, Sales Manager

I am delighted to be here and have experienced the “special” effect from my first day on board. The company story and mission statement are compelling and resonate deeply with me (I previously owned a small mtg. company for 20 years and can identify with the leap of faith). I look forward to offering my contribution to the company’s success in the coming years.
-Suzanne Kieffer, Senior Loan Officer

It is a true pleasure to work at such a great company and with such wonderful people.
-Dawn Daley, BI/Business Manager

Your Team has created such a great environment here at Cornerstone. I swear, every employee I’ve ever interacted with whether it be by phone, or via email has always been so helpful, kind and understanding. For example today, I apologized for a mistake that I made, and the response was “It’s okay; we are here to help.” I can tell you from experience, this does NOT happen at every organization. This “Can do” and “How can we help?” attitude is so refreshing. I truly feel blessed to be working here!
-Jessica Yarborough, Mortgage Banker

It’s been an amazing and rewarding 4 years.
-Pam Calvo, Regional Operations Manager

It is my pleasure to be associated with such a fine company. Only wish I’d known sooner what a joy Cornerstone would be! Better late than never though!
-Beth Christian, Underwriting

I appreciate everything Cornerstone does for me.
-Bertha Casas, Assistant Vice President/Secondary Marketing

It is a joy to work for Cornerstone.
-Jeff Robert, Business Development Manager

It is wonderful to work for such an amazing company! 
-Maria DeTrolio, Underwriting Support

It has truly been a blessing working for Cornerstone this past year. I look forward to many more years to come.
-Shelley Cobb, Appraisal Coordinator

I can’t believe it has been 5 years. You guys have built an incredible company with a one-of-a-kind culture, and I appreciate your allowing me to be part of it. I also appreciate all of the support you have given me and my teams.
-Greg Jackson, President – Financial Services Division

I have enjoyed the time here and look forward to accomplishing much more here.
-Trace Lee, Production Partner

I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the Cornerstone family.
-April Krebs, Loan Processor

I’m excited for the opportunity and glad to be part of an awesome team!!!
-Stan Thampi, Server Operations

I am honored to work for such an amazing company. I look forward to many more anniversaries.
 -Michelle Verburgt, Finalization Department

Thank you for creating such a great company that IS making a difference in this world. 
-Keith Ward, Senior Loan Officer

Thank you for providing a wonderful company to work for!
-Brittany Hinojosa, Accounting Department

I appreciate you and your leadership. I’m looking forward to many more years with Cornerstone.
-Wayman Lim, Loan Servicing Department

I love Cornerstone! Joining this team was the best decision I’ve ever made! Thank you for creating such a fabulous place to work.
-Megan Teel, Loan Officer

I’m thrilled to be here!
 -Josh Veenstra, Production Assistant

It’s official: Pierre and I made President’s Club for 2013! This is a result of hard work in the crippled market of Las Vegas and also the direct efforts all of you have made over the past year to support us. We are deeply grateful for the calls you took, the files you rushed, the problems you solved, and always with the feeling that we mattered. What an amazing family, separated by states but not by the love of our Company, jobs, or time zones!
-Vicky Frontiere, Certified Mortgage Planner & Pierre LaPres, Loan Officer

Cornerstone has a unique set of people who take a lot of pride in what they do, and we really have a great opportunity here. So, I wanted to write a quick note of gratitude…
-Jonathan Rock Doddridge
President, Ascent Home Lending, LLC

 I truly love being here!
-Greg DeMars, Loan Officer

23 years ago today I joined this wonderful company, and have been thanking my lucky stars ever since! I was such a pup when I started, and when I look back to what you and Judy have helped me accomplish and how I was able to provide for my family, it truly just blows me away that you had faith in me to open this branch!
-Janelle Carver, Senior Vice President/Loan Officer      

Just a quick note to express my appreciation and gratitude to you, my Cornerstone family, and everyone behind the scenes for your great help and assistance this past year. 2013 was an awesome year but not without challenging circumstances, tightening parameters and market fluctuations. My volume production placed me 2nd overall within the company, yet I am keenly aware that I did not do this without the support of each of you [in our support staff] and what your departments contribute. Together we are helping many families realize dreams of homeownership. Cornerstone is a special company and has special people whose work does make a difference. Again, thank you so much for the part you play in my success. 
-Sharla Ellis, Senior Vice President

I am lucky that I work with such a good group. I will miss them and Cornerstone when I leave in ten months due to a military move with my husband.
-Pam Mcneal, Loan Operations

I could not have made it thru this year without the support you all provided. I can tell you though what we battled through this year only made the team stronger. For 2014 we have set the goal of breaking the last record Robb and I set together, and that’s total volume. So, we are shooting for 125 million or higher this year. Looking forward to many more years with Cornerstone!
-Andy Woodside, Vice President/Branch Manager

I have so enjoyed and feel very fortunate to be working for Cornerstone. I am looking forward to 2014.
-Kathy Smith, Underwriter