Word on the street

Thank you, Mr. Smith, for facilitating our purchase of this house by providing the financing. In doing so, you enabled my family to move from there to here. That is not small. In this renovated house where others saw only a short-term profit, we found a snug base for the nurturing of our family, and the launching of dreams. I've owned bigger houses, with bigger mortgages, but not better. There are factors beyond square footage and exclusive locations that determine what constitutes a perfect house.


Bo thanks again for everything. You have literally been at my beck and call for two years. You had an answer for every question even when you had to go digging for it. You returned every call, text, email and even called sometimes just to see how we were doing. Your business ethics are impeccable and should be used as a business model for other businesses. Every expectation that I had of you and your staff was met above and beyond. Thanks again for making this experience easier! 


Job well done on getting Tracey and I through "the process." Seriously, we are most appreciative in your efforts to get us through all of this including assisting us in finding some insurance that fits our budget and coverage. I've worked in sales a number of years and have always appreciated my customers from the smallest sale to the largest. I think of you as my largest customer because of the investment we are making in improving our home and the time spent in educating us about the 203(k) program. 

Michael, Tracey and Christina 

Hi Bo,
I agree - my home looks beautiful, and I love it!! I feel very blessed that things fell into place the way they did. I plan on having a little house-warming get together after my dad finishes the painting and I get settled in the house. Will let you know the date - would love for you to come!


Thanks to all of you for all of your help in buying our new house. All of you have been wonderful and we really appreciate it.

It has been a dream of mine to get my mom a house of her own - thanks to your help, we finally did it!


I want to once again thank each of you for everything that you did! I was asked at closing how was it working with you at Cornerstone. It was my pleasure to say that you guys were great.

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Just wanted to congratulate you on your qualifying for your President Clubs honor. With my experience I had with you and your Cornerstone Home Lending staff, I would say you are very much deserving of this honor. I will always refer my good friends to you and Cornerstone.

Mountain View, Arkansas

Thanks again Sir. You are definitely a major asset to Cornerstone. If there is every ANYTHING I can do for you just name it and then mark it done. I feel quite sure that you have no shortage of references but by all means feel free to use me at any time. I can assure you I would clearly convey to them that your customer service is unparalleled.

Thanks again,

I just wanted to thank you guys for everything! You all have been a pleasure to work with and so very helpful in every way! You guys made what could be a very confusing and somewhat complicated process a breeze. Working with people that can answer the many questions that come up and do it so that it actually is understandable is priceless! I will recommend you guys to anybody and everybody in the future!

Thanks again :)

Bo, I had to send you a note and a "THANK YOU" for the personal service we received in our recent refinancing with Cornerstone Home Lending. The personal attention and quality of service given by you and your associate, Lavonda Patterson, (WHAT A GREAT LADY) speaks highly for Cornerstone. I appreciate very much the opportunity to have been able to work with you.

Thanks So Much


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