Team Member Testimonials

August 2009

Thank You. I have really enjoying working for this company. I do think it was a blessing to get the opportunity that Cornerstone has given me. Thanks again.
-N Khoury  -  Government Underwriter

Hi Marc, I am sitting with my daughter waiting to meet her kindergarten teacher, and was thinking about how blessed I am to be back at the Burnsville branch of CMC.
Even through the shake up going on this week, it is more apparent than ever that Carrie and the rest of the team are more dedicated than ever to upholding the CMC core values and mission.
The fostering of employee dedication and commitment to its own is amazing. You and Judy have really created an outstanding vehicle!!
For example, When I came back as a temp in June, it was so amazing to call down to IT and have Eva welcome me back (couldn't believe she remembered me after 2 yrs!). The intense feeling of genuine concern and family atmosphere cannot be equaled in any other company.
Within the branch, it was such a relief to be able to come in and hit the ground running.
I'll tell you, that it has been a long time (during my absence) since I looked forward to work everyday and felt that I was a valuable part of an amazing team. I now have that again.
Since I have made a short story very long, the moral of the story is this: Thank you for your vision. Thank you for your dedication to CMC. Thank you for gathering an amazing group of people that pride themselves in making a difference in the lives of others!
Off to meet the teacher!
-N Fredrickson - Processing Support

I have really enjoyed this first year. The Temple office is a great office to work in they are all very nice and treat you just like family. I hope that next ??? years are just as nice as this first one has been. Again thank you so much.

Thank You! It’s and honor and privilege to work here. I would have never predicted the ups and downs in this industry over the last few years, but it has made me much stronger and better originator.
I am proud to be a part of Cornerstone Mortgage.
-R Bonahoom

Thank you. I am so happy to be back at Cornerstone Mortgage Company. I have had a great year. I look forward to many more successful and productive years here at Cornerstone.
-D Daley

Thank you, Marc, for allowing me the opportunity to work for such an outstanding mortgage company!!
-S Wentz - Loan Originator

Thank you so much. I really feel truly blessed to work for a great company. I am so excited. I look forward to many more.
-K Tran - Mortgage Loan Funder

Thank You for founding Cornerstone. It’s easy to work for people that care. I am proud to work here.  Sincerely
-B Smith  

I viewed your message this morning and came away inspired. Although I’m relatively new with Cornerstone, and just closed my first set of loans this month,I’m already thoroughly impressed that the company backs up its words with performance.  I’m very proud to be associated with your company.  The values from which Cornerstone operates no doubt is the foundation of its success.
-S Trantham

This is great Marc. . . Thanks for taking the time to record this message to us during an important time in our industry.  Companies who continually seek ways to keep their vision fresh and keep their mission focused for their employees, I believe, become and remain great companies.  I have been here for 8 years and you have always taken every opportunity to extend appreciation to Cornerstone’s employees.
Thank you for all that YOU do…
-K Ippolito

For the first time in 5 years my wife and I were able to take a well needed vacation. 
The reason we did not take a vacation was not financial – it was because we could not leave our business and confidently know that everything would be taken care of while we were gone.  It is such a relief to have everyone on the same page and understand how important it is for a loan officer’s reputation and future business to make closing dates.
I want to take this moment to commend you and your team on creating the team and the systems that create superb service. I have been searching on behalf of my team for years to find an organization such as yours only to find empty promises and systems that delay progress of files that cause missed closing dates or always cause scrambling last minute and calling in “favors.” 
I appreciate your efforts and I am now beginning to believe what you have been telling me from the beginning, “Don’t worry about that because you will not be leaving Cornerstone”.  And, I don’t intend to.
-R Earl Leahy

Thank you!  I absolutely love my job & Cornerstone!
-D Cutler

Thanks very much!  I feel like I am where I belong!
-D Huddleston

Thank you very much for the warm welcome and the nice welcome gifts as well.  I am excited to be here and am looking forward to learning everything I can as quickly as I can.  I am very happy to be a part of the Cornerstone family.  It is truly an answer to prayer.
-L Weber

On behalf of the Bellaire branch, I’d like to extend a big CONGRATULATIONS on being selected Lender of the Year for Colorado!
As our Regional Production Manager you have been very instrumental in our success.  With your help, and the backing of Cornerstone, our branch has grown from 2 loan officers and a contract processor in a 900 sq ft office in July 2007, to 10 employees in a 2900 sq ft office today.  We’ve set new branch records in number of units closed last month for our branch of 33, and volume of $5,447,698.  We’ve also already exceeded our total volume of $29.44MM and units of 155 for the ENTIRE year of 2008 this year just through the month of July 2009 with $32.2MM volume and 175 units.
We’re very excited about our growth, and with people like Julie, Cornerstone, and all of you on our team, we’re looking forward to everyone’s continued success.  Again, a big CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to Julie for all of her hard work, and a big CONGRATULATIONS to the entire Bellaire Branch for making this all happen.
-B Mahon

Thank you for the warm welcome! I’ve only been here a couple of weeks, and I really love the atmosphere in the office and have been welcomed with open arms. I am very happy I was chosen to be a part of the Cornerstone family. I really love it here!
T Fox - Processor

Thank you both so much for our Employee Appreciation/Spa Day. We all felt very “Special”. We all look forward to that each year. Our new employees could not believe you-all actually do that every year. I appreciate Cornerstone so much. Love Flo.
-F Mcgee

I wanted to apologize for the delay in communicating my thanks, but thank you so much for the Employee Appreciation Day. We all had a great day.  It's so nice of you to do this for us, and let me tell you, I brag about what we get at Cornerstone to my friends and family, and they do help remind how lucky I am to be working for you guys!
-P Barksdale

Hi! Thank you so much for the warm welcome! I have really enjoyed working here – and I feel very fortunate to be part of such a great company! The PR team is amazing, and they have all been incredibly helpful and welcoming.
-R Spatz