Team Member Testimonials

September 2009

Thank you. I love working here.
-C Mathews

Thanks again for my coaching life plan -- it has been a huge help to me going through all that I have experienced in the past year.

Marc and Judy, Thank you so much for this awesome gift and for really caring about each one of us so much. Love

Hi, there!   Thank you for offering Life Planning to all employees.   I ’m on the call to learn a few more pointers – love Steve, love you, love life planning, etc. and etc.   Marc, you are one in a million.   I cherish my association with you, and I am honored to be a part of Cornerstone.   Still loving every single, solitary minute of being here!!   Thank you, thank you for this marvelous opportunity!!   XOXO, 

Good stuff Marc.  You and I share a similar view about people and how to support and lead them.  I thought the piece was well done and humble.  Keep up the good work.
-J Baker

This company never ceases to amaze me.  Your dedication to your employees is beyond my greatest expectations.  In the two and ½ short years that I have been here, each day brings a new-found respect and deep appreciation that God led me to this company. 
-J Witter - Compliance Analyst

All of us who are truly grateful.   It’s you and Judy that have put us in such a great position to be so successful in a very difficult time for our industry.     Thank you!
-R Smith

I just received my birthday card and present from you. Thank you very much. I really enjoy working for this company!
-M Shirley - Senior Loan Processor

I’m very excited to be part of the team and proud to represent Cornerstone Mortgage! I just wish I had joined the team back in July 08 when I first met with you and David Bravo! I had to test the waters with another company to see the true value that Cornerstone offers. Boy can I see it now!
-J Schutze - Mortgage Planner

I must say, 'Absolutely amazing!"  I didn’t know Cornerstone Mortgage Company had this "Care Fund.”  I was very touched by the video and think that this Care Fund is unbelievably amazing and that it is in place to help the Cornerstone Mortgage Company “family.”  What a blessing; what a company!!!
-D Guillochon - Senior Loan Processor

Hi Marc, Thank you for taking time while you are in Greece to congratulate me on my anniversary (My Goodness). As CMC grows and gets older, seems like my anniversary rolls by really fast. I can’t imagine my life without Cornerstone in it. You and Judy are like family to me.

Thank you for the personal welcome to Cornerstone.  I have already told friends and family that I could tell from Day One that Cornerstone was a special company. I am excited to be here.
-D Brown - Sr. Loan Processor

Thank you, Marc.  I have enjoyed the past eight years, and I am honored to work for a company that acknowledges God and has awesome management and employees.  Hope to stay here until I can one day retire. (Ha, what’s that)?
-S Arthur

I am so happy to be part of a company with such amazing core values and principles.
I am also excited about being part of Cornerstone Cares, as I feel that it is something so much bigger than myself- and that’s a great feeling.
I have really enjoyed my first month here in Janelle’s office and also wanted to say what peace it brings to me, both personally and professionally, to be employed by a company that I can see myself being part of for many, many years to come.
With great thanks,
-K Lester - Director Of First Impressions

Thank you for sending me a link to this video!
I can’t express to you how excited I am to be part of a company that truly cares about its employees. I’m a part of the Cedar Park team which works out of the Austin office. Let me just say, there isn’t a person in this office that wouldn’t give you the shirt of his/her back or take 5 minutes to help you find an answer to a question. It’s an amazing feeling to come into a workplace full of employees who truly enjoy the company they work for. I have had 2 rushed files close over the last week that wouldn’t have even been close to making the closing date at my previous company. THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I CAME TO CORNERSTONE!!!
Thank you for bringing me on board with Cornerstone!
-R Schutze - Mortgage Consultant