Team Member Testimonials

November 2009

Thank you guys for making Cornerstone Mortgage such an amazing place to work.
I love it here, and I love you guys for helping me realize my dream of becoming a successful mortgage loan originator!
Valerie Gothard, Top Producer

Marc & Judy,
Thanks for the strawberry arrangement and the opportunity to work here for the last 15 years! The delivery here caused a minor uproar: before it was over, the whole office knew what was going on and came to the lobby. I heard comments about how many years others would have to work to get to their 5-year or 10-year anniversaries. You just don’t hear that from the average employee in ANY industry. Anyway, we had a little fun on a Monday afternoon.
-B Heckler

I have only been here in the Hutchinson, MN, office since mid-October, but already can tell it is a company that values its employees.  I have been so warmly welcomed and assisted by everyone.
Have a great day.
-J Johnson, Mortgage Planner

Good afternoon Mr. Marc
I am very happy to work for a company where your people are important. Thank you.
-M Salazar
Oh!! I LOVE working for Cornerstone Mortgage: the experience has changed my life tremendously! Just over a year ago, I moved here from Ohio with my one-year-old son and got the opportunity to come work for Cornerstone. You all had such faith in me, and, now, twelve months later, I have already moved up from being the receptionist to that of an appraisal coordinator covering four different branches!  I would never have thought such opportunity was out there, so, again, I thank you very much for having the confidence in me that allows me to progress in your wonderful company. I truly mean this from the bottom of my heart. I actually look forward to coming and doing my job each day (Working with such great people can make anyone enjoy their job). There is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank the Lord for leading me in this direction.  You and your company are a true blessing to my son and me.
-J Agee

Okay… my eyes are swollen and my nose is raw, and I think I may need a ride home because my contacts are messed up. The Cornerstone Care check that I received is amazing: I have sincerely never been touched by so much kindness and love as I have by my coworkers here and the Cornerstone Family as a whole. I know that there are always people out there going through so much more and struggling through tough times as well, especially these days. Coming to work where I receive such encouragement from everyone has been my escape into normalcy these days and has provided a place of strength and protection for all of my family.
I appreciate more than I could ever express how much your generosity has helped us as a family get through this period of time (it has been financially, emotionally, and mentally draining). Most of all, my team’s prayerful and demonstrative support has given my family and me the strength to keep our heads up. From the daily outpouring of love and concern to the flexibility of hours that allows me to deal with the important issues and have the time to give heartfelt support to my child, I say thank you!

Hey Marc,
I am a part of the Cornerstone team in Seattle. Things like this [Thanksgiving video emphasizing the importance of family]are why I love being at Cornerstone. We have a strong, thriving business, but the company culture is centered around what is really important. Thank you for creating this type of culture, and thank you for allowing Jay, me, and the rest of team to be a part of this company. Happy Thanksgiving!
-J Washburn, Sr. Mortgage Advisor

Thank you, Marc.  It is an awesome pleasure to work for such a great company!
Happy Thanksgiving!
-C Brown

Thank you Marc!  I’m blessed to be part of this wonderful family!
-M Errera

Good afternoon Marc and Judy:
Thank you so much for remembering my 15 year anniversary at CMC.  I just love being on a winning team. I KNOW CMC is a winning team because we stand for so many important values. 
-N Neward