Team Member Testimonials

May 2010

In all my years, I have never worked for a company that has shown its employees how much they take the time to really think about us. I consider myself so lucky that this is the first company I interviewed and was hired at on my move here. I want to thank everyone involved who extended this [donation for assistance with hospital bills] to me. I really can’t even express how touched I am (and believe me when I tell you I am usually not at a loss for words)!

Thank you, Marc, for the kind words and it’s been both an honor and a privilege to work for Cornerstone. I look forward to many more years of service here. 
–J Baisden

Thank you so very much for the personal welcome to the company.  I am happy to be here.  Everyone that I have encountered has been extremely nice and eager to help. I acquainted myself with the origin of the company and the Vision Statement on my first day. It makes me proud to be a part of the company.  I am looking forward to being here for many years to come.
–F Seberry

I wanted to thank you for the birthday card and present and for you and all of the team making me and my Branch feel welcome.  You all do a wonderful job of making us feel important and I know we made the right decision joining this great organization.  We look forward to many years of fun and excitement with you all. 
–T Beck

Marc!  I have been here a little over a week, but everyone I’ve spoken with and have come across is so genuinely nice and so supportive. It just feels overwhelmingly great being here, and I very much enjoyed yours and Judy’s story. 
–K Hoang

I must say that using Cornerstone Lending has been a dream.  I cannot remember in recent memory having dealt with a nicer more cooperative group of people.  The funder on this file has been so accessible and genuinely nice which is a rarity these days.
–L Padelford-Garcia

It’s has been a wonderful experience working here at your company. Every time I proudly tell someone I work for Cornerstone Mortgage – in particular, to the ones in this business – they say “Cornerstone is a great company to work for!”  

First and foremost – thank you Marc and Judy for the investment you are making in the lives of your Cornerstone family, but also, and just as important, in those of our partners.
–R Eickhoff

As a production person I want to tell you how much I appreciate your commitment to customer service.  This is very impressive.  Is it all right to send this e-mail out to my agent to show your commitment to them?
–Lisa Kassuba

I walk into the office today with a new perspective on the relationship with my referral partners and true understanding of “going deep”. On Friday Steve & James presented the “Filter” to a group of nearly 50 agents, and the response was amazing. The message they delivered was clear and passionate. The process of reaching out and reconnecting with my referral partners was very empowering for me: this event is a catalyst for change in my business and, inevitably, for me personally.  I am grateful and proud to be a part of a company that cares so much about their employees, customers, referral partners, and community. Thank you for making a difference.
–N Chahine                                               

Compliance is an extremely important service to our company, and Cornerstone’s QUEST is the most production-friendly group in our industry. On behalf of our Regional Managers and Loan Officers, I want to sincerely express our appreciation for the stellar job you and your team have done helping our Loan officers and their assistants through the licensing processes.  Thanks for your support of our loan production teams, and our commitment to loan quality and customer satisfaction. You continue to amaze us all! 
-Marc Laird

I have been here for two months now and wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate the values of this company.  I am excited about our upcoming Building Champions session here locally. 
–A Storteboom