Employee Testimonials

March 2011

I just wished I would have started 23 years ago! Happy Anniversary and thanks for being the incredible visionaries that you are.  When I read Michael Eisner’s book about dynamic duo leaders and the many examples he gave – I truly thought about the two of you.  If you believe in his theories, the two of you should be in his book. 
-Julie Piepho, Executive Vice President

Here’s to another great year and another year to grow with my Cornerstone Family! Since I joined your team in 2007, I could not have asked for a better place to land. I appreciate all you do to support all of us out here in the field!
-Katie Sparkman, Senior Loan Officer

Thanks so much for the opportunity to work for such a wonderful organization.  I look forward to many more years to come. 
-Steve Clark, Loan Officer

I really enjoy what I am doing here at Cornerstone and have learned so much since I have been here. It’s a wonderful group.
-Janet Gallagher, Accounting

It's a great pleasure working for Cornerstone.
-Munni Alexander, Public Relations

It’s been an absolute JOY being back with CMC after our time with a bank.  You have created a fantastic company . . . thank you! 
-Scott Peterson, Loan Officer

I am happy to be a part of the team and Cornerstone’s success. 
-Brad Dusek, Loan Officer

As always, I feel fortunate to have found Cornerstone.  You all make working in the mortgage business pleasurable (and that is saying a lot, especially in these times!)
-Susan Noebel, Loan Officer

I really do like working at Cornerstone.  I have been in the mortgage business since 1982, and I have to tell you, I agree and support your vision. It is a pleasure to work here. 
-Jan Hubbell, Loan Officer

I just wanted to send a note to let you know how grateful I am to be part of the Cornerstone Family.  Though we are just getting started, I can tell you that I wake up each morning excited to come to work.  Knowing the company I represent has the same values that I have is so refreshing.  I promise that I will make you proud of our branch and our team.  I look forward to showing you what we can do!  
-Leslie and Eric Bergen, Loan Officers

I want you to know that it is my pleasure to work for such a wonderful company, a company that aligns with my business philosophy to serve my clients well.  Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.
-Valerie Gilliam, Loan Officer

Your generosity continues to impress us all. 
-Craig Ronning, Regional Manager

Eleven years with two previous companies and I don’t believe we ever received the recognition and praise Cornerstone attributes to each and every employee on a daily basis.  It is truly appreciated!
-Mark S. Harris, Loan Officer & Branch Manager

I am very excited for the opportunity to work for such a wonderful company.  I look forward to many happy years at Cornerstone!
-Kim Bond, Processing Supervisor

I love being a part of the Cornerstone “family”. 
-Gail Sandoval, Loan Processor/Closer

It is great to work for company that is so considerate of its employees. 
-Suzanne Quarles, Mortgage Loan Processor

I am honored to work for such a great company and [and I appreciate] the opportunity given to me to be here.
-Amy Smith, Closer

You make me feel that I am important and a value to Cornerstone. I can truly say Cornerstone is a wonderful company.
-Connie Vitulli, Loan Officer

I really enjoy being part of the Cornerstone team.
-Michelle Gonzales, Loan Officer

Thank you for the email and kind words! It has been an exciting journey thus far, and I am looking forward to many years ahead with Cornerstone.
-Dawn Couch, Processor

It is really great to be here, and I so much appreciate the opportunity. What you and Judy have created is remarkable, and I am honored to be a part of the team!
-John Nichols, Loan Officer

It is a pleasure to work for a company like Cornerstone.
-Ashley McCants, Loan Processor

It has been a pleasure joining the great company that you have created and maintained. I look forward to many more years. 
-Russell Preston, Loan Officer

It has truly been a pleasure to work with such a close group of people: they feel like family.  You have given me the opportunity back to make dreams come true again. I truly enjoy my job! Thank you for letting me be a part of your team.  
-Tammi Hensley, Mortgage Loan Processor

It has been a pleasure to work for you and be part of the Cornerstone team. Here’s to many more successful years!
-Rob Pecoraro, Loan Officer

I am very happy to be here: Cornerstone is a great company, and I’m excited about where the company is headed. 
-River Mitchell, Underwriter

I just wanted to thank you for sending out those President’s Club letters.  I’ve already received over 20 calls and emails from past clients because of it and acquired 2 new loans.  I appreciate your taking the time to do this, and I’m anxious to see the results from our mailing them to our referral partners. 
-Nick Gilbert, Loan Officer & Branch Manager