Employee Testimonials

September 2011

I am happy to be part of such an amazing & caring company
-Nedal Khoury,  Government Underwriter

I truly love working for Cornerstone.
-Kathy Young, Operations Manager, CMC Home Lending

Congratulations to Marc, Judy and Cornerstone as a whole on the numbers we as a company are closing.
I could not do the production I do without the support I receive from all of you copied in this email (directly or indirectly).  I so very much appreciate the work that goes on behind the scenes on my behalf.  Thank you, thank you!  You guys all rock! I feel privileged to be a part of this great company.  I celebrate you and your labors for me on this special Labor Day weekend.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart . . . You guys were amazing.                                                          
-Sharla J. Ellis, Senior Vice President & Mortgage Specialist

It is TRULY an honor to work for Cornerstone, it’s hard to find a company in this day and time that cares and works with its employees the way Cornerstone does.
- Kelli Wesley, Secondary Marketing

Cornerstone truly is an amazing company that treats everyone like family.
-Trey Bell, Regional Production Manager

I really enjoy working here too.
-Pam West, Underwriter

I thank you for allowing me to be part of your team!  It is great to serve under your leadership!
-Manuel Valdes, SVP Builder Division

Thank you so much for the opportunity given to me to work for Cornerstone.                                                                                                   
-Connie Chambers, Loan Processor       

It’s been a wild ride the last two years in our industry.  Glad to be on a train with you and Judy at the wheel.  It would have been scary or disastrous with many other companies.                                                                  
-Doug Brown, Loan Officer Assistant

It was great to spend time with you at BCE last week. I forgot to mention how appreciative I am for your commitment and actions to keep the underwriting queues flowing efficiently. The positive feedback we’ve received from our borrowers and referral partners has been tremendous.
-Nader Chahine, Branch Manager

I was not optimistic that we would be able to close all the loans for September by looking at your queues mid month, Rose and Tammy.  While I know the day is not over, I wanted to say THANK YOU and hats off to your teams for making it happen!  I know there was a lot of overtime to get here and really appreciate you sacrificing your time to get the job done.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!    
-Mary Dinkins, Executive Vice President/Residential Lending Consultant

Thanks so much for always being so thoughtful and such an inspiration to me over these past 14 years. I do appreciate everything you do for your Cornerstone family, and I am so thankful to be a part of it.
-Elaine Barrett-Townsend, Vice President