Team Member Testimonials

February 2012

I truly am blessed to work for such a wonderful company.
-Shannon Schiller, Senior Loan Processor

Thank you for the encouragement, leadership, opportunity & purpose you provide. I appreciate your balance of strength & humility that generates trust to share ideas.
-Jay Crowell, Vice President & District Manager

I enjoy waking up every day and coming to work because of the great people I work with. Especially Paula Barksdale in secondary! She makes my life easy.
-Brett McClellan, Loan Officer

I just wanted to say how very proud I am to work for someone with such a kind and generous spirit. I am just speechless! My Grandfather always taught us that you must approach all things in life with Class, Grace and Dignity. You are the epitome of this philosophy and I am just busting out with pride. Thank you so much for being such a great leader.
-Cari C. Reed, Regional Executive Assistant to Dean Johnson

What a great place to work!
-Tracey Scott, Underwriter

I am thankful we are part of a company that is committed to keeping our competitive advantage while ensuring we are managing the business compliantly. 
-Andrina Valdes, SVP Builder Division

I am so happy to be working for such a GREAT company. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such experienced professionals.
-Karen Moore, Regional Underwriter

I know I say it every year, but I cannot thank you both enough for the outstanding leadership you provide for the company. It has allowed for my professional and personal growth to flourish. I am truly grateful for my first ten years here at Cornerstone, hope the next ten are just as enjoyable and rewarding.
-Rocky Flores, Director - Business Application Development

Thanks for all you and Judy do to help all of us grow.
-Debra Lowe, Mortgage Specialist

I am really excited about 2012 and endless possibilities! Thanks for everything you both do year after year to ensure my success!! Can’t wait for another fabulous year!
-Gina Jackson, SVP Loan Officer

Thank you for providing me with the tools I need to be successful.
-Melanie Hadley, Senior Loan Officer 

A huge kudos and congratulatory thanks to the dedication and commitment of CMC Team Member Diane Rivera in the Condo Department for what she brings to the table. Her talents and precise communication got this project approved with minimal emails back and forth and reviewed in the time frame she expected. This enabled us to meet our clients’ expectations along with the trusted service kudos from the agent and developer. I am thankful and appreciative we have someone like her employed at CMC as we must stop and remember there is more to our company than the sales force driving our revenue/volume: it’s the people behind the scenes that truly help loan officers put the final pieces together seamlessly, and one of those employees at CMC is Diane Rivera.
-Bo Smith, Branch Manager