Team Member Testimonials

August 2013

I am truly honored and happy to work in this wonderful company! It is a totally different way of working here than other companies or banks. Everyone is truly a team player and ready to help out. I am very grateful to everyone here. I can honestly say I love my job again!
- Africa Gibb, Loan Officer

It’s been great being here and can’t believe a year has passed already. A year ago I was quite nervous about the career change, and today couldn’t be happier. Thank you for allowing me to be part of such a great organization!
- Lynn Rome, Loan Officer

My sister is in the process of looking for a home and did make an offer on a property. There were multiple offers placed on the property, but the seller offered my sister a chance to match the highest offer due to the fact that my sister was using Cornerstone. The seller said that Cornerstone was known for making their closing dates and that she would rather work with my sister, as a result. Anyway, I just thought that this was neat: it is interesting to hear what other people have to say about our company.
- Shelley Cob,. Appraisal Coordinator

Despite the turmoil in the mortgage industry, I have felt such peace and security over the last five years.  It is so nice to be with a stable company who does what is “ethically and morally” right!  Thanks again! 
- Deborah Huddleston, Branch Manager/Senior Loan Officer

I feel so blessed to have become a part of the Cornerstone Family and this extraordinary company!  The Vision and Values you speak of have been demonstrated among every individual I have come into contact with. I look forward to building a long and lasting relationship with my new Cornerstone Family.
- Sherry Merritt, Underwriter

I am so blessed to be part of the Cornerstone Family. I feel so appreciated: everything you do for your employees is amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
- Jennifer Weber, Web Design Manager

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate being one of the monthly Fun Day Drawing winners! And the fact that you included the time I was with Cornerstone before we separated from FNB means the world to me. When I hear my 20-something children complaining “about how their employers don’t care and they don’t treat them well,” I wish they could all come work for CHL! Thank for caring, thank you for treating us so well, and thank you for understanding how hard we work.  It’s a great thing to be appreciated, and you, too, are appreciated!!
- Michelle Keating, Senior Loan Processor/Closer

I have only been with your company for a couple of weeks and already feel at home!  The warm welcomes and employee camaraderie is amazing.
- Megan Mann, Closer

Cornerstone is an awesome place to work! 
- Donna Junker, Executive Assistant

I really have really enjoyed at Cornerstone!
- Doris Lewis, Loan Operations

Cornerstone is a great company to work for and I am grateful to be a part of it.
- Debbie Daley, Regional Operations Manager

Thank you for the welcome.  I definitely feel at home here at Cornerstone! 
- Tara Bentley, Loan Officer Assistant

I absolutely agree: Cornerstone gives us the tools and resources to do amazing things every day.  
- Trey Bell, Regional Production Manager

Thank you for that and for giving me the opportunity to be part of Cornerstone. I am so completely impressed by the people, the resources and the Cornerstone culture and I’m thrilled and excited to be here. Mary Dinkins and Rose Moore talked to me 10 years ago about joining Cornerstone.   At that time, I was very happy where I was and didn’t accept their offer.  Now, I really wish I had.  But, I finally made it and I’m raring to go. Also want to tell you what a fantastic trainer you have in Susan Barnhill – our week with her last week in Houston was incredible.
- Gail Brewer, Underwriter

Thank you so much for allowing me to come back each and every day. I am so blessed, I love this place.  I would not have Joel (or Keith) if it were not for Cornerstone.
- Dionne Ward, Senior Vice President l Secondary Marketing

Love my job & this company!
- Cindy Doerre, Government Underwriting

I am very blessed to be here and love working with the entire Cornerstone Family. Thank you for all your support and the opportunity
- Kevin P. Sullivan, Branch Manager

I love this wonderful company
- Darla Cutler, Government Lending

Love working for Cornerstone! 
- Lisa Underwood, Loan Officer

I bring a reasonably unique perspective to the team.  My family owns one of the Top 10 Coldwell Banker franchises in the country with over 17 offices and 500 agents [with] which I have had the pleasure to be associated as a real estate agent, operations manager, mortgage venture manager and a few other hats over the years.  My wife is a Broker Manager overseeing 3 offices and 45 agents.  We eat/sleep/live ‘the business.’ I cannot agree more with “our” core values as you state them – because I own them and live by them. Thank you.
- Tim Diedrich, Loan Officer

I am fortunate to be working for a fantastic company that really values their employees!
- Karen Cassera, Production Coordinator

Love working at Cornerstone.                                                                                                   
- Deborah Woodyard, Underwriter

I can’t believe it has already been five years. Working at Cornerstone has been wonderful for me. When I relocated here from NY, I felt so blessed to have landed the opportunity to work here. I thank you and Judy for the wonderful leadership, too. I consider myself very lucky to work under the Valdez division.
- Lisa Varano, Production Partner/Processor

Thank you for the opportunity to work for this truly amazing company.  I feel blessed and thank the Lord for you and CHL each day on my drive to the office.
- Penny J Benton, Underwriter

I’m still genuinely happy to come into work every day. Thank you for providing such a positive work environment.
- Jordan Shows, Processor Assistant