Team Member Testimonials

December 2013

I’ve never been in a company that has been so thoughtful for its employees before. I am very grateful to be working here.
-Betsy Whitney, Appraisal Coordinator

I must say that in all my years in the mortgage industry, I’ve never had a Chairman and CEO thank me and acknowledge my 1-year anniversary! That shows the integrity and compassion of this company. I truly love Cornerstone and feel so very blessed to be here! Thank you for making this the most awesome place I have ever worked.
-Susan Horton, Underwriter

It is a pleasure to come to work each day and know that my work is appreciated. I hope for many more years of being part of the Cornerstone family.
-Linda Patrick, Loan Operations

Wish I’d discovered Cornerstone years ago.
-John W. Ballard, Senior Vice President

It has been a great year here at Cornerstone.
-Jeralee Beeler, Loan Processor

I feel very fortunate to be part of the Cornerstone family.
-Marcia Din, Director of Operations & Implementation

I am very impressed by the “little” things that you and others at Cornerstone do to make us feel like we are important to you and the company. Thank you very much for that! I feel honored and blessed to be working for Cornerstone and am looking forward to hearing from you on this occasion for many years to come!
-Angie Taylor, Project Review Analyst

I could not let this season go by and not thank you for all you do to support the Cornerstone team. We have been so blessed to be part of this group and look forward to growth and success in 2014. Eric Bergen, Operations Manager
-Leslie Bergen, Branch Manager/Production

Thank you so much for your belief and support in CLD. I am so happy to be part of the Cornerstone team!
-Joanne Posen, Senior Account Manager of Correspondent Lending Division

I couldn't imagine working for a more compassionate and successful company! Thank you for the opportunity!
-Sidney Vance, Production Partner

What a great company to work for!
-Cathy LaRock, Loan Officer

I would like for you to know what a blessing this job offer was two years ago when I, as the primary wage earner, had been laid off and, since then, how my employment with Cornerstone, and all of the people I work with, continue to be such a blessing to me! I truly love what I do, who I do it with, and who I do it for!
-Stephanie Blount, Licensed Loan Processor

I can honestly say this has been a very good two years working at Cornerstone.
-Anthony Gutierrez, Server Administrator

I really enjoy working here – great support and good people!
-Kristin Rampy, Processing

I am truly blessed. It is very exciting to see businesses with godly values explode and to watch the blessings pour out on them because they choose to follow Him and do things His way.
- Lisa Nieto, Loan Officer Assistant

I want to extend a “Thank you” for allowing me to attend Todd Duncan’s Boot Camp. It was very informative (a little overwhelming right now). It gives me great tools to implement within my business to become successful in your company. I also want to thank you for the wonderful dinner.
- Shawn Maricle, Loan Officer

Thank you so much for sending me to the Sales Mastery Boot Camp. That was a life-changing week, and I really appreciate your investing in me. I look forward to the ROI for Cornerstone in 2014 and beyond.
-Bridgette Romero, Client Relations Manager/Production Assistant

I want to thank you for building one of the best mortgage companies! I am 23 years old, right out of college, and every, single person I have talked to about Cornerstone has told me that I am working for the best [mortgage company]. I would also like to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to go to Todd Duncan’s Boot Camp this week, investing in my future. I learned more in the last four days than I would have in a lifetime.
-Andrea Olson, Assistant Loan Officer

It is important to me that I send a note to the people involved in the Cornerstone Cares program. My family and I are beyond grateful [for the financial assistance]. The Cornerstone Care program has given us a chance not only to catch up with our payments but also, more importantly, to breathe again. It’s been a long road, and a giant weight has now been lifted. Thank you for keeping my sons in the home they love. I feel blessed and honored to work here. Please know that I am going to sign up right away to participate in the contributions to this program. I have to start small, but I believe in helping in any way I can to keep this program going.
(Name deleted for privacy)

I am on my way back from Todd Duncan's Boot Camp and want to send you a heartfelt “Thank you” for sending me. It was a huge gift and, although I have been exposed to many of the concepts through coaching, I am determined to put these ideas to use and finally build a sustainable, profitable business.
-Mark Townsend, Senior Loan Officer

I just wanted to send a HUGE “Thank you” for investing in my future at Cornerstone. Boot Camp was an eye-opener and is going to challenge me to increase new relationships and deepen current ones. I loved being around so many other eager loan originators from our company. Just seeing so many from our company shows me that you live our vision of growing Cornerstone with our God-given talents. What a blessing this is to see! Cornerstone is a truly amazing place, and I thank God that I have the privilege of working for leaders like you all. You always go above and beyond—it does not go unnoticed by me and others in our company. How great is this and how great is our God (Awesome that I can say this to you)!
-Joe Lombardo, Mortgage Loan Consultant

It has been a wonderful year [for me at Cornerstone], and an amazing 4 years [that have passed]!
-Erich Hoff, Public Relations

Cornerstone is making a HUGE showing at Sales Mastery Boot Camp (44 out of 122). The dinner was a great opportunity to confer with other Cornerstone folks from other parts of the country on what an incredible organization we are part of. Todd Duncan had some VERY nice things to say as well about our leadership and Marc’s commitment to excellence. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m WILDLY excited about 2014 and all of the opportunity that it represents. My commitment to success is my best expression of gratitude.
-Todd Frederking, Loan Officer

I truly love working with Cornerstone and would love to retire with this company if it is at all possible
-Karim Lakhani, Closer

I was so surprised and excited to see my name listed as a November Fun Day winner! Thank you so much! For many reasons, I feel very blessed to be a part of your company. Thank you both for all that you do for us employees.
-Susan Demopulos, Residential Lending Consultant

Thank you for the wonderful meal yesterday and the joy that comes in celebrating with my wonderful, work family. Raising money for Cornerstone Cares is always such a joy and delight. It is such an honor to work for a company that is aligned with Christ’s teaching, placing the most value in serving.
-Jackie L Witter, CFE, Quality Control Manager

I feel so blessed to be working for you and your company, and now I’m at Sales Mastery Boot Camp, Thanks to you again. I’m so excited to have the tools to build my business to its fullest potential and to have my dreams become a reality. I hold this saying close to my heart: ”Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.” My life has never been the same since I heard this. Thank you for all you do.
-Rene Rollings, Loan Officer

Thank you to you and Judy for making this such a wonderful place to work.
-Lucy Holt, Senior Processor

I feel very blessed to be a part of Cornerstone!
-Freda Johnson, Processor

I am very grateful for this opportunity to join the Cornerstone Family. Everyone here has been so very nice to me, and I wanted you to know that I have never worked with such kind and caring people. You are running a wonderful company from what I have seen, and you are very kind to acknowledge my special day
-Kristen Rushing, Processor

I now have officially made 15 years with Cornerstone. I hope there will be many more years to come. I have enjoyed all the years and all the people I work with. I am glad to be a party of this company. I have made true friends and, yes, we are a family.
-Leandra Fuentez, Operations/Branch Coordination

It’s been a pleasure working with this company!
-Jeni Christensen, Transaction Coordinator

It has been a pleasure working here.
-Jennifer McBee, Loan Processor

It has been a pleasure for me to work and be part of such an outstanding company, which is made by all the people that work at Cornerstone.
-Emmah Hunt, Production Assistant

I have enjoyed working here and hope to for many years to come.
-Tammy Bartoszewicz, Loan Officer Assistant

I love working here and have the greatest respect for Cornerstone and the one-of-a-kind team you have created. It's simply the best I've ever had the opportunity to be a part of.
-Susan Horton, Area Production Support Manager