Team Member Testimonials

October 2013

We really have something special at CHL!
- Mark Townsend, Senior Loan Officer

I started work at Cornerstone in March of 2013 and have felt so very blessed to work for a company that truly cares about its employees and their families.  And the employees truly care about the company as well as each other. Thanks again for the privilege of being part of the Cornerstone family.
- Phyllis Teumer, HMDA Specialist

Hard to believe that 10 years have flown by. It has been a pleasure to work with you both. We have always appreciated the opportunity that you provided us to develop our business together. This is truly a special place to work and consider it our work home. The real bonus is the depth of friendship that has also grown over these 10 years. We have great memories of our time here and look forward to having many more in the coming years. Thank you for everything you do to make this a great company, and all that you have done for us personally. We do love you both
- Pierre La Pres, Senior Vice President  l  Branch Manager     
- Vicky Frontiere, Loan Officer

I appreciate the opportunity and support that you have given me in this first year.
- Shane Jenson, Controller

It has been an enjoyable first year, and I look forward to many, many more with this fantastic company.
- Erin M. Turner, Processor

I feel very blessed to work for such an awesome company!
- Kathy Halkins, Senior Web Designer

Thanks to you guys for making Cornerstone so awesome!  It has been a pleasure [working here], and I am still loving every minute of it!  I know what I have to be thankful for everyday in my job and would not trade it for the world!
- Erna Hay, Senior Loan Officer  l Branch Manager

I’m incredibly blessed to be a part of this family. Thank you so much!
- Audrey Thibodeaux, Compliance Analyst

I really appreciate the opportunity I was given to work for such a great company!
- Maureen Kelly, Loan Review

It has been wonderful working for Cornerstone these last 5 years look forward to the many years to come.
- Julie Nelson, Closer

I couldn’t think of a better place to have spent the last 16 years.  Hoping for many more!
- Denise Druzbik, Production Partner

I wanted to send a quick email and thank you for allowing me some time to just pick your brain! But, more importantly, thank you once again for your highly regarded recommendation to join the Cornerstone family. I had the opportunity to attend a dinner with Marc Laird on Friday night, and I am overwhelmed with how approachable he is. Geez, even the fact that he finds the Todd Duncan events worth his time for participation speaks volumes about him as a leader!
- Ruth Vogt, Area Manager

Thank you for allowing me to provide this level of service not only to my clients and referral partners but also, more importantly, to my team!
- Wally Elibiary, Vice President - North Texas Region l Branch Manager

I seriously can’t tell you how much I appreciate and love my job because everyone works as a team. Thank you for the opportunity to work for such a WONDERFUL company as Cornerstone.
- Rosa Peregoy, Processor

It’s late in the day, but just a quick thanks for all that you do for Cornerstone and me!  I enjoy working for the two of you and the Cornerstone family.  It continues to be the right decision I made 9 years ago.  It’s been fun to be a part of the tremendous growth of Cornerstone and to be a part of the strategic decisions to shape and mold the Company.  I look forward to 2014 and our continuing successes.  
- Julie Piepho, President of National Operations 

I have loved working with everyone at Cornerstone for the past 10 years – and GOD willing – will be able to for another 10.
- Denise Magee, Benefit Administrator

Thank YOU for creating such a wonderful place to work, where we are able to celebrate such caring people like our sweet Flo.
- Megan Hill, Executive Assistant

One of the many reasons we chose Cornerstone and we are so grateful for leadership that keeps the future clear.  If you have not been told lately, “Thank you”  for your leadership, for your support and for the opportunities you afford to all of us.
- Leslie Bergen, Branch Manager

I know I have enjoyed every day with the Cornerstone team.   
- Eileen A. Svec Hugo, Underwriter

WOW!  I am a new employee, having joined on October 1st, and am just floored by the support and concern this company has for me and my success.  Cornerstone just blows me away!  I WANT to be successful for you and the entire support team. Thank you for the privilege to work with you!
- Karen Moran, Loan Officer

Once again, I find myself humbled by your generosity and continued efforts to afford all of us employees such tangible representations of what it feels like to work for at a company that “respects and cares for [its] people.” Thank you for every example you both set in giving us such a high standard to emulate.
- Candace Leibe, Executive Assistant

I am looking forward to many more years with Cornerstone. This is a wonderful company, and I am happy to be part of the Cornerstone Family
- Jackie Ratliff, Processor

It is an honor to continue working here J. Cornerstone is a blessing to our family.
- Tara Zellner, Administrative Assistant

Just wanted you to know—as if you are nor reminded enough—that I think these FUN DAY drawings, recognizing “Appreciation of Service,” are a tremendous loyal support for all CHL Employees.  It definitely puts a smile on my face knowing our leader and management appreciates those that provide for our company.  I cannot recall in all my years [with other companies] that someone at top stopped and recognized those that have tenure with our company, especially those that do not originate mortgages.  It speaks volumes when we stop and listen to CHL Employees working as opposed to hearing them work.  
- Bo Smith, Loan Manager /Branch Manager

I love working for Cornerstone. Thank you for the opportunity to make a difference in people lives.
- Leticia Radulovich, Loan Officer

I am grateful to be part of the Cornerstone family!
- Molly Trice, Senior Loan Officer