Team Member Testimonials

February 2015

Thank you for the opportunity to work with Cornerstone Home Lending. I came over three years ago and have been very impressed with all of the people I’ve come in contact with over the past few years. It is important to be a part of something bigger than yourself, and I feel you and Judy have created just that. This is a wonderful company with an excellent mission and a company easy to be proud of. I look forward to many more years!
-Mike Walker, Branch Manager

I could have never imagined working with such an amazing group of individuals all working toward the same common goal. Thank you for building such an amazing company that I am happy to call home and consider family.
-Jessica Baldwin, Residential Lending Advisor

SO proud to be part of this amazing group. I can honestly tell you, after having done this for 29 years I have never worked for a company filled with so many impressive individuals or one that cared for its employees like Cornerstone. I feel like I am “home.”
-Jenny Scott, Vice President, Operations Manager

Cornerstone is an amazing company to work with. It’s comforting to know that the owners and upper management really “get it” and put loan officers is a good position to sell a great company. I feel blessed to work here!
-Michael Heldt, Underwriter

So glad to be here and thank you for creating an incredible culture.
-Daniel F. Gonçalo, Talent Engagement Manager

I have worked with Wells Fargo and Chase in the past and have never felt as happy as I feel at Cornerstone. This year has been great, but I know the ones that follow will be so much greater.
-Arlette Gonzalez, Loan Officer

Thank you for letting me be part of this amazing company.
-Connie Doll, Production Partner

When I reflect about my opportunity in banking that led me to mortgages and my desire to help and bless people with homeownership, I’m thankful every day that my wife’s job brought us to Dallas and that I was introduced to Gina. I know that I had the knowledge and skill set to be successful in the mortgage industry had I stayed in Kansas City, but can’t help but KNOW that without Cornerstone, I wouldn’t be as successful as I am today. From you and Judy, Cindy Annis, Gina Jackson, Rose Moore, Mary Dinkins, Paula Barksdale, Kerri Etheridge, Kim Link, Shelley Mills, Jenny Scott, Lisa Taylor and countless others that bless my life every day, I wouldn’t be able to help all these families looking for fair, knowledgeable and quality service. This is something I’m truly proud of and you should be too. It has taken me some time, but by having Faith at home and work, I’m able to recognize and speak openly about it. Thank you for your continued efforts in enriching your employees’ lives, for they extend to and enrich the lives of others every day, and it doesn’t go unnoticed.
-Brett McClellan, Production Partner

Thanks for your leadership and service and for making Cornerstone such a great place to work. I’m grateful.
-Kerry Day, Mortgage Advisor

I love working with my team and for this company – it’s truly the best! Thank you both for all you do/have done in building such an awesome company with wonderful people.
-Leah Robison, Art Director

I do appreciate working for great people and a great company.
-Twyla Cravy, Senior Loan Officer

I love working for Cornerstone and I LOVE working with Andrina. I have never loved a work family so much as I do Cornerstone.
-Jacqueline Vargas, Project Manager

This past year has flown by, but I know it is only because I’ve had the best time with some awesome people and a GREAT company!
-Sarah Endress, Client Care Coordinator

I am delighted to be here! I get a great feeling about Cornerstone, and everyone I have met is so kind! Looking forward to a long career here.
-Kris Horn, Underwriter

I can already see I joined a great team and look forward to a rewarding journey ahead.
-Nancy Navarro-Sung, Loan Officer

I am truly blessed to be working for such a great company.
-Lisa Hepler, Underwriter

I got your package today with Todd Duncan’s book. I just completed the Loan Officer Boot Camp in December. Changed the way I do business and speaks to why I joined Cornerstone Home Lending. Just wanted to say thanks!
-Brian Riera, Loan Officer

I am truly grateful for all you have done for me, my business, my family and future as a top producer.
-Joe Lombardo, Senior Mortgage Banker

I truly enjoy working for Cornerstone and hope that I’m here for many years to come.
-Amelia Perez, Client Coordinator

It is truly a pleasure to work for such a great company.
-Dawn Daley, BI/Business Analystc

I truly love working for Cornerstone.
-Shannon Schiller, Senior Loan Processor

I think you should know how your thoughtfulness always warms my heart each year. You take a personal interest in each one of us, and taking the time to acknowledge our birthdays, in my opinion, is truly gratifying. Thank you, and may this year bring even greater things to Cornerstone Home Lending. I am honored to be a part of the team.
-Ramona L Brooks – Regional Closer

It’s been a pleasurable two years!
-Karen Cassera, Loan Processor

I’m very grateful to be a part of this company every day, and being remembered on my birthday solidifies that. I’ve worked for some good companies in my career but have never received a personally signed card from the CEO. It’s one of the things I tell people most often about why this is a great company to work for – as a large, national corporation with so many offices and people . . . it just never feels like that. I can always talk to someone on the phone when I need help and everyone genuinely cares about everyone else. The idea of TEAM at Cornerstone is embodied in real people every day. It’s an amazing feat to make a company of this size feel like a small, personal group. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this family.
-Megan Clark, Mortgage Loan Underwriter

It seems like just last week that I arrived at Cornerstone. God has blessed me in so many ways. I am grateful for your leadership and the reputation that Cornerstone has in the market place.
-Mary Lee, Senior Loan Officer

What a great company to work for!
-Tracey Scott, Senior Underwriter

I look forward to many more years with the company.
-Brian Allyn, Loan Processor

I totally enjoy my job and all the people throughout my day that I’m in contact with at Cornerstone. I’m so thankful for Cornerstone and CEO’s like you.
-Tammy Earls, Loan Processor