Team Member Testimonials

October 2015

I’m thrilled to be back and honestly wish I had never left! I am so thankful to be welcomed back and grateful to be in the midst of such a great group and company. THANK YOU! I look forward to many more years of continued success.
Harper Ray, Senior Loan Officer

These 14 years have been the best since I started in the work force back in 1967. Cornerstone is family. God bless, and thank you for all you do.
Sandy Arthur, Branch Manager

We are blessed and grateful . . . for the compassionate company and atmosphere you have created. We appreciate the deep personal friendships that we have built with you both and so many other great people over the past 12 years. This is not typical of just any company. Cornerstone has nurtured and grown from a vision and a commitment to a culture of caring and compassion for its employees. It does work, it does matter, and it does show in the growth and success of the company. We know and appreciate that Cornerstone really does care, and we are grateful to be part of the family!
Our love and thanks to you for everything,    
Pierre LaPres, Senior Vice President, Branch Manager
Vicky Frontiere, Senior Loan Officer

I enjoy working for Crestmark (Cornerstone affiliate) so much!
Twyla Cravy, Senior Loan Officer

My tenure at Cornerstone has been 6-years of personal and professional growth. I'm excited about the opportunities ahead.
Nader Chahine, Branch Manager

Being here has been a pleasure. Thank you for this team in Florida. I think our brand is about more than making money: I think it is about helping families, including my own. Thank you for all you all do and for the culture that defines this company.
Michele Smith, Senior Mortgage Banker

I can honestly say that I have enjoyed working for such a strong leader and genuinely good person as Andrina every single day of the five years and am truly thankful to the two of you for providing me—and every other CHL employee—the opportunity to work for such a solid, motivated and forward-thinking company. My mortgage career has spanned well over twenty years now (ouch), and I can say without reservation that CHL is THE best company I have ever been a part of and is, in my opinion, by far the employer of choice in the mortgage industry.
Michael Newton, Regional Production Manager
It was great meeting you in Colorado. I was interviewing a potential branch manager candidate yesterday, and she kept going back to your video. She said her husband overheard it in the living room, and he said, “Who is that? What a great message!”
Chuck Biggs, Loan Officer, Area Manager

I can honestly tell you that in my 38 years in this business that Cornerstone is one of the very best companies that I have ever worked for. I really think and believe that it is the people that make Cornerstone what it is, but you already knew that, didn’t you? Again, thank you, and the people that make Cornerstone the great company it is, for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful company.
I am truly blessed to be here with you all.
David Barnes, Loan Officer

It’s a pleasure to work here. I sit on the board of an organization called the Opportunity Coalition, and last week our guest speaker was Eric Chester, a local author who has written several books. His most recent is about to be released, and we were fortunate to receive a copy. It’s entitled On Fire At Work and focuses on how great companies ignite passion in their people without burning them out. If you have a chance, get a copy: I just know you would love it.
Christina Whelan, Loan Officer

Thank you so much for your kind voicemail! I have greatly enjoyed my six years hear at Cornerstone! I am proud to be a part of this company!
Kathy Lynn Halkins, Creative Director

I am happy to be a part of a company with such great values and vision. Looking forward to make a difference and helping the company achieve more goals in years to come.
Omar D’elia, Web Designer

I discovered how special Cornerstone Home Lending is on the first day I spoke to your recruiter, Don Snyder. He described the culture at the office in Plano with Wallly Elibiary and the entire staff. He also told me how special everyone is at Cornerstone. On my first day of work, I arrived to be greeted by everyone.  They gave me flowers and took me out to lunch. I then received my Cornerstone keychain and cup. After our morning meeting, we all joined in prayer, so I knew after the first day how blessed I was to be joining this company. Every day since then I’ve discovered something new that impresses me, such as watching your video regarding the Cornerstone Cares program,[to] which I want to give weekly. I am just thrilled to have had my prayers answered and [be] given the opportunity to become a part of the Cornerstone family.
Terry Tittle, Processor

The year has flown by.  I am very happy to be here with and look forward to many more years.
Linda Carrasco, Mortgage Loan Officer

I am happy to be part of the Cornerstone family. 
Molly Trice, Senior Loan Officer

It is truly an honor and privilege to work at CHL.
Sherri Elder, Northern Colorado Operations Manager

Glad to be a part of Cornerstone’s great accomplishment.  With God, all things are possible
Debra W. Grier, Purchasing Department

I am honored to be a part of this great company!
Sam Bursch, Senior Loan Officer

It was great to meet you – and I loved meeting the rest of the family as well. Everyone was so gracious and welcoming, and your generosity was so special to me.
Regina Imel, Loan Officer                                           

I am new to Cornerstone but not to the industry. In my experience major transitions rarely go well, and I am happy to say that I feel that this is the exception to the rule. I am very, very impressed with the way that Cornerstone and its education department are handling the TRID transition. 
Ryan Klenke, Senior Processor

I am really excited to have been here 5 years and have no plans on leaving.
Barry Wheeler, Production Partner

Glad to be part of the team.
Max Monakes, Data Analysis

We are very excited to be here at Cornerstone and truly, truly appreciate the culture and company you have built! We’ll make you proud!
Courtney Walker, Mortgage Loan Originator

Glad to be here.
Janet Gallagher, Financial Analyst

I truly appreciate the opportunity I have been given to work for such a wonderful company.
Maureen Kelly, Loan Reviewer

This company has been so much more than just an employer to me. You live out the Gospel in everything that you do, and it’s evident in the way you lead Cornerstone. It trickles down and overflows to us all. I’m beyond grateful to be a part of what we’re doing.
Audrey Thibodeaux, Compliance Analyst

I truly love working for Cornerstone and am looking forward to many more years to come.
Valerie Faaita, Senior Loan Processor

Thanks for making Cornerstone an AWESOME place to work!
Phyllis Teumer, HMDA Specialist

Prior to any interviews I had researched the company’s history and philosophy which really spoke to me and made me want to work here. This company’s culture is very unique, and I support Cornerstone’s mission, convictions, and vision. I am so excited to join this company and look forward to serving everyone here for years to come.
Biana L. Stein, Compliance Program Manager

We appreciate the team effort from everyone.  It’s what makes this company great!  
Julie Piepho, President of National Operations

Thank you for welcoming me on board. I read the story, and I must say it is pretty interesting. I just would like to thank you and your partner, Mrs. Belanger, for this opportunity. I really appreciate the environment and culture that Cornerstone has. This has truly been a blessing for me.
Sydonia Shields, Funding Analyst

I wanted shoot you two a quick note to thank you.  Everyone has been amazing to this point, and I am so excited to be a part of this outstanding company and team that you have built.  Thank you so much! 
Mark McDowell. Loan Officer

Lately for some reason I’ve been thinking of you both. One of my thoughts is that I haven’t said “THANK YOU” enough in the 23+ years I’ve been here and known you.  
Bertha Casas, Vice President l Secondary Marketing

I’m very excited to be part of the team.
Tom Kniedler, Loan Processor

I LOVE working for Cornerstone, and I LOVE my Cornerstone family. 
Sara Kitchell | Transaction Coordinator

The best seven years of my career(s) have been here at Cornerstone. I look forward to many more!
Sam Bursch, Senior Loan Officer

I truly love my job and this wonderful company and look forward to many more anniversaries!
Erica Waller, Corporate Administration

Every day I wake up feeling so blessed to be able to drive to the corporate office and work!  Work to me means giving of myself and assisting others within the company in making people I don’t even know live the American dream – owning a home!  How great is that!?

Lately for some reason I’ve been thinking of you both. One of my thoughts is that I haven’t said “THANK YOU” enough in the 23+ years I’ve been here and known you.  
Bertha Casas, Vice President l Secondary Marketing