Team Member Testimonials

July 2015

It’s truly a pleasure working with Cornerstone. In this day and age, it is extremely hard to find a company that is so great on so many different levels. Thank you for the opportunity you have provided for my family and me. You have my word that I will continue to uphold our values daily.
-Daniel Tokar, Licensed Mortgage Banker

There are not enough words to express to you how grateful I am for everything you have done for me and our family. We have the life we have and the happiness we have because of the kindness, guidance, and trust you have given us. Thank you for such an amazing gift! I look forward to many years to come!
-Stephanie Harris, Vice President, Risk and Loss Mitigation

I’m one of Cornerstone’s biggest cheerleaders. I’ve been genuinely in love with this place Day One. I’m proud and honored to have worked here the past 5 years.
-Jordan Shows, Information Technology

I have truly enjoyed working here and still do!
-Africa Gibb, Loan Officer

I can honestly say these last six years have been the best years of my working life. Thank you for all that you do to make it stay that way!
-Will Larson, IT Quality Assurance Manager

I enjoy working here and making a difference.
-Carla A. Herrera, Loan Processor

I feel so blessed to work for such an amazing company!
-Trisha Halderman, Loan Officer Assistant

Glad to be with an organization that takes care of its people!
-Justin Cox, Secondary Marketing

I am very excited and grateful to be a part of this Cornerstone family!
-Fawn Crosby, Loan Officer

Great message! Happy to be a part of the TEAM!
-Denesha C. Page, Loan Processor

I love Cornerstone.
-Munni Alexander, Senior Production Artist

I am very impressed by our company’s Mission, Convictions, and Vision and excited and very grateful to be a new member of this growing family.
-Michael Cahal, Loan Processor

WE have an amazing company. I look forward to growing Cornerstone in the Southwest while promoting our values and convictions.
-Chuck Biggs, Area Manager, Loan Officer

This is an amazing Company to work for. Thank you!
-Brittany Orange, Loan Processor

Thank you for the adorable birthday card and the really cool charger! You are so kind and thoughtful to remember each and every employee on our birthdays. Sending a HUG and many thanks to you for creating an incredibly great work environment.
-Joanne Posen, Senior Account Manager

I feel so blessed every day to be part of the Cornerstone family.
-Leanne Weber, Compliance Analyst

I truly love this company!
-Cari Reed, Regional Business Manager

I am proud and honored to be a part of the Cornerstone Family!
-Emberly Ford, Telecommunication Technician

Great place to work and great people to work with.
-Shelton Fortenberry, Secondary Marketing

I am so blessed to be a part of the incredible Cornerstone Family!
-Sherry Dutiel, Underwriting

I am very excited to be a part of the Cornerstone family! I look forward to my work endeavors with Cornerstone.
-Jennifer St. John, Loan Processor

It is a blessing working for Cornerstone Home Lending.
-Patricia Castro, Loan Processor

Thank you for the great surprise today! It has been a pleasure work for Cornerstone over the past five years. I look forward to many more.
-Joel Reiter, Mortgage Planner

I love working here.
-Tamara Henry, Loan Officer Assistant

It’s been a pleasure working for Cornerstone. Looking forward to many more years!
-Cary Whitaker, Director of Regulatory Affairs

I feel very fortunate to be part of the Cornerstone family.
-Gwen Poindexter, Branch Manager

I’m happy to be here.
-Stephanie Oliver, Loan Closer

It’s a great company, and I love the people I work with.
-Shelley Gibbs, Loan Processor

I’m very happy to be a part of this great company!
-Stacey Lopatowski, Underwriter

It has been a great year!
-Leslie Germenis, Underwriting Support Resource Analyst

I am very impressed and feel valued that you took the time out of your busy day to congratulate me.
-Cecil George, Loan Consultant

SO very happy to be working at Cornerstone!
-Jean Hubbard, Underwriter

I am proud to call Cornerstone Home Lending my home.
-Cassie Pullen, 203 K & Repair Escrow Post Closing Coordinator

Very grateful to be here. Love this place.
-Stacey Moffat, Compliance Analyst

Very grateful to be here. Love this place.
-Stacey Moffat, Compliance Analyst

Thank you so much for taking the time to wish me a happy 3rd Anniversary! How time flies when you’re having fun! Glad to be part of such a great company!
-Ramona L. Brooks, Regional Closer

So very thankful and blessed to be in the Cornerstone family!
-Peggy Webb, Underwriter

We are starting to hit our stride and could not have done it without the awesome support that you and all of Cornerstone give us. We couldn’t be happier with where we get to come to work every day.
-Michael Addison, Branch Manager l Mortgage Consultant

I am truly blessed to have joined CHL and had the opportunity to learn from the best of how to treat people and build on their best attributes as I was awarded the opportunity over the years.
-Tammy Pullen, Senior Vice President, National Underwriting Manager

I enjoy being here and look forward to many more years for continued success together!
-Ryan Earl Leahy, Licensed Mortgage Professional

I just wanted to let you know that Stan Thampi from the corporate technology dept was amazing. As you know he arrived in Albuquerque on Sunday to install our new hardware and get us through the “new” Citrix conversion. He worked through the wee hours of Monday morning so that when we arrived for work, we were set up and ready for our training with John Bryant. The conversion went very smoothly and anything that was missing on our systems or that needed tweaking was immediately handled and fixed by Stan. He had a very positive attitude and friendly personality and did everything humanly possible to make our conversion as painless as possible. He treated each of us as if we were his only “customer” and made sure we were comfortable and working properly before he left yesterday. He is a bona fide example of “the Cornerstone difference.” So I wanted to tell you what a great employee he is. Thanks so much for sending him to Albuquerque.
-Joanne Posen, Senior Account Manager

I love working here!
-Brenda Buller, Loan Officer