Team Member Testimonials

December 2016

I really see how you guys value your employees and can understand why this is such a successful company! I am excited about 2017 and working hard to make the top producer trip! I appreciate the opportunity to be part of the Cornerstone family!
-Talbot Greene, Branch Manager l Loan Officer

We had our office luncheon today and we all conveyed how truly blessed we are for everything that you do. I came back to my desk to see the email attached and wanted to share it as it was the result of effort from all of us. We do really important things that serve a higher purpose. These loans that we process and close aren’t simply paperwork, as you know: they are people’s homes and children and lives, and I wanted to say, “THANK YOU” for who you are and supporting us on the journey to support others. Super Proud.
-Michele Smith, Senior Loan Officer

When I get calls from other companies trying to lure me away, I always list the reasons I will never leave Cornerstone:

  1. The support we receive from all the help desks that allow us to make more sales and avoid problems
  2. The support of management that helps us reach our goals and stay focused on our customers
  3. The support of an excellent staff, underwriters, closers, processors, etc. that continually keep us updated on changing guidelines and skills so we can close more deals successfully
  4. But most importantly of all, the integrity and values of my company that make me proud to be a part of it every day.

I consider every day I work at Cornerstone a gift - which is why I will probably work here until y’all kick me out to the nursing home!
-Diane Rifai, Senior Loan Officer

Words cannot express my gratitude to you, Judy, the Owners, and Leadership Team for your generosity. Thank you for recognizing everyone with such a special surprise. Very honored and blessed to be working with you and Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc.
-Kevin P. Sullivan, Branch Manager

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the warm welcome Cornerstone Home Lending has provided for the new Atlantic Coast Group. These types of transitions are never easy, but I feel we are on our way to being fully operational and up-to-speed in the near future. I also wanted to thank you for the holiday bonus. That was a very kind gesture for our short time with CHL. I believe it made a tremendous impact on the staff as to the type of company we just joined. I believe it was least expected but tremendously appreciated.
-Craig Anderson, Business Development Manager

I just wanted to thank you for the special email I received on Christmas Eve! Since I’ve become a member of the Cornerstone family, I’ve been impressed by the care and passion you have for your employees. Please know I’m proud to represent such a fine organization and look forward to being a part of the continued successes of Cornerstone in 2017 and beyond!
-Jo Ann Wier, Senior Loan Officer

I am grateful to have joined on to your company those many years ago: I only wished I had been here sooner. Your recognition means a lot as the growth and success of Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc. company; that you still take the time to acknowledge your employees is a really BIG plus. It has been a pleasure to be employed here for so many years and look forward to doing it a while longer.
- Mary Bullacher, Loan Servicing

I am thankful every day to work with such a wonderful company that has passionate and professional employees and leadership. Working with this company has been such a blessing for me and my husband this year. I know you are a busy person, but I would like you to know how Cornerstone has made a positive difference in my life in 2016:

  • My husband and I purchased our home through the employee loan program at Cornerstone.
  • My job provided income to pay our bills when my husband was laid off.
  • My job provided health insurance that covered my husband’s skin cancer surgery.
  • Working with Cornerstone employees restored my trust and faith in co-workers that I had lost while working as a state regulator.
  • Working with Cornerstone has allowed me to grow as a professional and contribute my thoughts and knowledge to various projects.

I am so thankful to be here and hope I have made a positive difference in the lives of those I work with and that I continue to do so.
-Biana L. Stein, Compliance Program Manager

I can say firsthand that you have one heck of a team working hard for our company each day, and I feel privileged to work beside such an amazing group of people. I’m thrilled to have been a part of making this year so successful and here’s to many more to come.
-Tiffany Inman, Executive Assistant

Thank you for being so generous! I greatly appreciated it. I LOVE working with Cornerstone (and Andy Woodside). This is the best company that I have ever worked for and your vision is what makes it so great!
-Janis Gunn, Senior Loan Processor

Five years has gone by fast, but in other ways, it seems like my early days here are distant memories. I was hoping for a different experience vs. my previous employer when I joined Cornerstone (after working at large financial institutions) and I certainly have gotten what I was hoping for. It’s been a lot of fun. Congratulations on building such a unique company and culture!
-John M. Skoba, CFO and Treasurer

I am truly thankful and appreciate your kindness and generosity.
-Sandi Arthur, Branch Manager l Senior Loan Officer

It means a great deal to me to know that we are truly part of a team. It has been a pleasure working for the company this first year, and I look forward to continuing success in our company and personal growth professionally.
-Carol Buzzelli, Mortgage Loan Processor

I’m looking forward to seeing what Cornerstone will accomplish in 2017, and am thankful I am part of it.
-Julie Brunswig, Loan Closer

January will mark 3 years with this company, and I am happy every day being an employee. This company’s generosity never seems to end.
-Rebecca Packer, Underwrite

I'm so blessed to be able to work for an awesome company.
-Twyla Cravy, Loan Officer

Cornerstone is a wonderful place to work, and I am so thankful and blessed to be a part of this team.
-Angie Taylor, Project Review Analyst l Condo Review Department

Thank you. This is a much appreciated gesture and truly demonstrates what a great company we work for.
-Melanie Hadley, Senior Loan Officer

I am very blessed and thankful to work for such an amazingly positive company.
-Darla Blair, Assistant Processor & Set Up

Love working with Cornerstone. You are amazing.
-Amanda Shelton, Loan Officer

Congratulations on the record-setting year! That’s awesome. Cool to keep growing! Thank you very much. Really appreciate it.
-Mark Rome, Mortgage Banker

Thank you so much! I am so blessed to be part of such a wonderful company.
-Heather Stavinoha, Residential Mortgage Originator

Thank you for your kind generosity. I feel very blessed to be a part of the Cornerstone family.
-Gwen Poindexter, Branch Manager

What a special surprise and another reason out of many why I love being a part of this team!
-Christine Willadsen, Loan Officer Assistant

It is a privilege to work for this company!
-Betsy Whitney, Appraisal Coordinator

Once again, it is an honor to work for CHL and you. So proud to be a part of this great company.
-Sabrina Nowling, Strategic marketing Director

Thank you for this kind email and all you do for Cornerstone as a successful company and culture. I joined Cornerstone towards the end of 2015, and the company culture and personal character of David Bravo were undoubtedly what helped me finalize that decision. The 2016 year has been difficult in some ways, personally and professionally, but my commitment and appreciation for a company I am still so young with, are only stronger. I have a lot of blessings and consider ending up at Cornerstone to be one of those! I am looking forward to a FABULOUS 2017.
-Kristen Kaufman, Senior Loan Officer

Thank you so much! It’s truly an honor to be a part of such an incredible vision!
-Ashley Williams

Thank you Marc, I have never worked for a mortgage company before that has paid out a year-end bonus. Appreciate it!
-Mike Valenteen, Loan Originator

I would like to take a moment to say, “Thank you” for your appreciation. It is so nice to be truly appreciated.
-Barbara Ramondino, Regional Closer

Thank you for appreciating what everyone does. It’s rare and we know it, and we appreciate you very, very much.
-Michelle Keating, Senior Processor/Closer

I am so excited to get our new office open in 2017. We have no doubt we will be the number one office in Juneau, and, after that, all of Southeast Alaska. No other mortgage company in our area is closing loans on time. Very proud of how the team works as a team. Thank you for making Cornerstone such a wonderful place to do what I really love.
-Pam Johnston, Loan Officer

Thank you so much! We are so looking forward to another successful year in 2017!
-Katie Maxey, Business Development Specialist

It is such an honor to work at Cornerstone, and I am so incredibly grateful.
-Michelle Verburgt, Finalization Department

I’ve been with Cornerstone for less than a year, but I’ve been in the industry for 35 years as a Loan Processor, Processing Manager, Underwriter, Broker and Loan Officer. I surely wish I’d come to Cornerstone years ago, for I love working here! I’m very appreciative of the way you treat your employees, the training and support that is offered, and the Policies and Procedures that you’ve set up. I have been trying to take advantage of all that is offered: I read the book Living Forward that you so generously offered and have gone away and written out my plan. My manager here, Nader, is going to help me go through it and work on implementing the changes.
I’m so grateful I’m here at Cornerstone. I love being connected with a Godly company where relationships are important and where the efforts of all involved are appreciated, not just a select few. Thank you for your generosity. May the Lord continue to bless Cornerstone and cause us to be a light in a sometimes dark and dishonest industry.
-Chryste Fisher, Mortgage Consultant

I really enjoy working with this company, and have never been treated so well by an employer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
-Rebecca Stallings, Processor Partner

Wow, Marc . . . You make this a great place to work. Thanks for all you do.
-Tom Beck, Senior Residential Mortgage Planner

It’s great working for a company that has heart.
-Mark Powell, Senior Loan Officer

Amazing company. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help others. We are truly blessed to have the leadership that we do. You truly make all the long hours away from our family worth it. Thanks for acknowledging the hard work. God Bless.
-David Stephenson, Branch Manager

Cornerstone is a great company to work with.
-Anne Fairweather, Mortgage Loan Closer/Funder

The Cornerstone family has shown me so much warmth and kindness: I am humbled by the generosity of the company and all of the employees I have had the pleasure of working with. Thank you for making the workplace a fulfilling and positive place, filled with such generous, vibrant, and amazing people. I will continue to strive to be the best employee I can be for Cornerstone.
-Chelsea Huprich, Senior Loan Processor

I appreciate not only your generosity but your leadership in creating a company that I am proud to be associated with.
-Mallory Holtman

I am approaching my one-year anniversary with Cornerstone and always feel very appreciated here. The positive environment has made a real impact on my life outside of work as well.
-Lindsey Gallegos, Residential Underwriter

Your generosity is awe-inspiring.
-Susan Kaplan, Transaction Coordinator

Thank you so much for all of your kind encouragement throughout the year since I have been here and your genuine appreciation for all of the staff members. It is so nice to feel like the company and upper management care about us as individuals.
-Penny Fittipaldi, Underwriter

Thank you for your support!
-Leslie Lippert, Loan Coordinator

Being a part of Cornerstone has made a huge difference in my professional growth and my personal growth as well. I feel blessed every day that I get to call this my job.
-Lisa Dean, Director of Client Experience and Training

Leslie Lippert, Loan Coordinator
-Kurma J. Hartline, Appraisal Coordinator

Thank you for your leadership. The success of Cornerstone comes from the solid foundation and passion for excellence that you as leaders have laid down for all of us to embrace and lead with daily.
-Patricia Murphy, Loan Officer

We are truly blessed to work with such a great company.
-James L. Benight, Assistant Processor

Cornerstone is such a wonderful place to work. I truly love my job. I am so fortunate and happy to be part of this wonderful team.
-Heather Johnson, Loan Processing Assistant

I have been with Cornerstone about 6 months and can honestly say, I love the way you treat your employees.
-Janine Fozzard, Underwriting Support Resource Analyst

Every day I feel blessed to be a part of such a terrific team and today I feel extra blessed.
-Kris Horn, Jumbo Underwriter

I tell everybody in the world how much I love working at Cornerstone, and, yes, it still is the best job I ever had in my life. So that is why every day when people ask, “How is your day?” and I say, “Awesome” for my whole two and a half years of being here. I am filled with JOY.
-Shequanna Petitt, Loan Servicing Representative

Your kindness underscores what makes CHL a REMARKABLE company!
-Mark Dinkins, Senior Vice President of Business Development

Mark Dinkins, Senior Vice President of Business Development
-Lee Smith, Loan Officer

Cornerstone is led in grace. [My son} Jay has flourished under your leadership. I vividly remember meeting you in your DVD. I saw your integrity. Your passion. Your love for people and your grace. I write this as a father of one of your loyal employees who gets better being around you. So grateful Jay is one of yours. You live grace. You make people better. Thank you. You inspire your Cornerstone team to reach their potential with weightless grace.
-Fred Crowell

This is an amazing company to be a part of.
-Allan Adams, Underwriter

I began working for Cornerstone this past August. I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to be a Cornerstone Home Lending employee. I have worked for many, many years in the mortgage industry, and my motivation has always been to help families to reach their homeownership goals. I am a member of the Sharla Ellis team. Before we all went home for the Christmas holiday this past Friday, I told Sharla that one of the things I am most grateful for this year is to be a part of such a remarkable team of hard working women. Sharla and our team inspire me to continue my growth within the mortgage industry. I am inspired by Cornerstone’s Mission Statement as well. It is within me each day that I am here at work. Your generosity is most appreciated.
-Cynthia Rutherford, Transaction Coordinator

I am amazed more and more by this company and its values. I am blessed to be working here.
-Patti Blackwelder, Correspondent Loan Coordinator

I’m so happy and proud to be a part of this great “family”!
-Margi Finnegan, Underwriter

It is great to be a part of such a wonderful company. Refreshing to see the Mission, Vision and Convictions lived out from the top down – integrity through and through!
-Rebecca Frank, Closing Coordinator

I am very grateful to be part of such a successful team.
-Patty Jensen, Loan Processor

Extremely generous and especially meaningful for ops personnel who tirelessly support sales.
-Nader Chahine, Branch Manager

You, Marc, are a good man.
-Jim Hunter, Regional SVP

Thank you so much for this Wellness Campaign. Our office enjoyed it and the extra cash was a great incentive to get up and get moving! What an awesome company this is!
-Helen Miller, Transaction Coordinator

Helen Miller, Transaction Coordinator
-Shane Masterman, Senior Mortgage Consultant

I wanted to reach out and thank you for your gift of the Living Forward book and its bonus materials. I am very much looking forward to going into a new year with great insight into how to live a more intentional and proactive life. A great New Year’s resolution I think! Again, thank you for thinking of us this season.
- Kathryn Whiteley, Closing Coordinator to Heather Bomar

It’s been an amazing 5 years. I love watching the company grow, and it’s a nice feeling to be part of it.
-Anthony Gutierrez, Server Administrator

Thank you so much for all of the assistance you and Cornerstone have given me over the last 9 years to be able to get to this point.
-Nick Gilbert, Branch Manager

Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful company: I am truly blessed to be Cornerstone family.
-Paula Barksdale, Vice-President l Regional Production Partner

This has simply been an amazing year at the OKC office. The support, dedication and sense of joy with which our office operates is inspirational. What better holiday gift than another great year with Cornerstone!
- Misheala Giddings, Senior Processor

I agree that having direction as individuals and as a company as a whole is very important. Having the opportunity to work for a company that makes their values such a high priority is a wonderful opportunity that I am very grateful for.
-Kathryn Whiteley, Closing Coordinator to Heather Bomar

Thanks so much for thinking of me. No other place I every have worked has ever acknowledged my birthday. Cornerstone is a class act, and I am so proud to be a part of it.
-Angie Taylor, Underwriter

I am blessed to be a part of this great team and company!
-Katie Cook

Appreciate the email! Glad to be back another year! Was with Cornerstone 7 years and husband got transferred to Lubbock, so as soon as we got back home, I came back to Cornerstone.
-Beverly Jones, Senior Loan Officer Assistant

It’s been a pleasure getting to work for such a great company with so many wonderful people! I am truly blessed!
-Sarah Hickman, Processor

I have been in the mortgage industry for almost 15 years, and I can honestly say that I have learned more and grown more in my year here than I have at all my other jobs put together. I could not ask to work on a better team, in a better office, or for a better company. I am thankful every day for this opportunity and grateful for our company.
-Christy Peterson, Senior Loan Analyst

I’m proud to be part of such an amazing organization.
-Jason Hamilton

It has been a pleasure working here the last 5 years. Definitely a great work family and environment.
-Jennifer McBee, Loan Processor

I am so grateful to work for such an amazing company. I look forward to many more years here at Cornerstone.
-Andrea Childers, Processing Supervisor

I am thoroughly enjoying being a part of the Cornerstone family and looking forward to many years to come!
-Jenifer Maldonado, Loan Officer

I really want to thank you for giving me opportunity to work with such an excellent company. I am very fortunate to work with such a wonderful group of people. I always brag about our company to my family and friends. I have been in mortgage business since 1985 and, without a doubt, this is the best company I have ever worked with. I always say to my wife that God must really love me to have given me an opportunity to work with such a wonderful company.
-Karim Lakhani, Senior Loan Closer