Team Member Testimonials

February 2016

Looking back, I feel that I peaked at my previous company. Now, here at Cornerstone, it feels like the sky is the limit. I appreciate the support and encouragement that I receive from you and everyone else in this company. I feel truly blessed to be part of this company. I will continue to do my best again.
-Joe Weiss, Senior Loan Officer

I feel truly blessed to be part of a company as special as Cornerstone.
-Kelly Haney, Loan Officer Assistant

I want you to know how thankful I am that I am working at Cornerstone. I love my job.
-Kathleen Kelly, Loan Processor

It is a pleasure to work for such a great company.
-Bryan Marcy, Production Associate

My on-boarding experience to-date has been wonderful. I am honored to be part of the Cornerstone Team!
-Stephanie Reicherts, Branch Manager

So excited to be part of this truly amazing company!
-Casey Engling, Loan Officer

Thrilled to be back, and being given another opportunity to be part of such a great organization!
-Jerome Schneider, Loan Officer

Wouldn't dream of being anywhere else!
-Kristin Vaughan, Mortgage Lender

You have no idea how helpful it was for us to see the true inner workings of your great company! You guys have built a company based on family values, trust, and honor and closing on time, every time and it SHOWS. You really made a difference for us, and I just wanted to tell how very grateful we are. How lucky are YOU to be surrounded by EACH OTHER and led by such amazing folks! I pray that God helps you SEE that in little ways today and EVERY DAY!
-Lori Richardson, Vice President & Branch Manager

It’s been an absolute pleasure!
-Aubre Houck, Senior Mortgage Loan Processor

The consistent small gestures from you and everyone else here at Cornerstone are a constant reminder of how blessed I am go be with such a tremendous organization. Thanks for allowing me to be part of the family!
-Donald Snyder, Strategic Growth Manager, Cornerstone Home Lending

I love it here!
-Liz Sessums, Loan Processor

Interesting story on the conception of Cornerstone and great read. I look forward to working at Cornerstone.
-Jessica Parker Eaves, Loan Officer

I feel very blessed to be working for this company. Great people, great support.
-Joshua Brockwell, Loan Officer

Happiness and a job well done are their own reward, but I want to thank you for throwing some extra fun into the mix. Thanks for making this such a great place to work!
-Colleen Reilly, Director of Quality Control

Love being a part of this team!
-Kris Horn, Jumbo Underwriter

I couldn’t be more proud to be part of such an incredible “family”!
-Tiffany Bruner, Processor

It’s been a blessing working with this great company.
-Rick Rincones, Production Manager | Senior Loan Officer

I am a new Branch Manager in the Western region (Scottsdale, AZ). I would like to share with you how blessed I feel to be a family member of this organization. I have to say God’s timing has always been the right timing. The recognition you extend to your fellow Cornerstone Family is truly amazing and tells the true story of the integrity and God-given passion you have for those you work with. Gene, Jim Hunter, Stu Hoime, and their team are amazing to work with as well as the company as a whole. I am thrilled to be here!
-Patricia Murphy, Branch Manager

I just wanted to say thank you so much, I can’t believe that it has been 20 years! I am so happy to be working here: this truly is the best place to work. Everyone here is my second family, and this is my second home.
-Brenda Regier, Investor Delivery

Thank you and Judy for making Cornerstone such a remarkable place to work. I feel so blessed to be here.
-Rachel Castillo, Senior Loan Processor

I am truly blessed to be able to work for a company like Cornerstone and enjoy it every day.
-Dawn Daley, Business Analyst

It is a pleasure working at Cornerstone.
-Shannon Schiller, Production Assistant

Thank you for the “Welcome Kit” I received today. It’s an appreciative gift that I have never received from any other employer! I appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow in your organization.
-Andrew Proffitt, Processing Assistant

I am really excited to start this journey with Cornerstone. Everyone has been so friendly and helpful. I love the company’s Mission and the Vision of where the company is going. I am glad that the customer comes first here.
-Lindsey Gallegos, Residential Underwriter

Today is my first day with Cornerstone Home Lending, and I would like to thank you for this wonderful career opportunity! I’ve heard nothing but great things about CHL and look forward to growing within our company.
-Darren Stover, Transaction Coordinator

I very excited to be here and see great things in my future with the Cornerstone Family.
-Amanda Chanthavong, Transaction Coordinator

I have enjoyed working here and look forward to many years to come.
-Kellie A Stone, Mortgage Loan Officer

Thank you for creating such an awesome work environment for your employees! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here at Cornerstone.
-Sarah Endres, Client Care Coordinator

I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.
-Keith Lemons, Senior Loan Officer

It’s hard to believe it has been only two years. I feel like I have been here a lot longer! Great to be a part of this wonderful CHL family! Could not be happier.
-Jenny Scott, Vice President | Operations Manager

It has been my pleasure to work here.
-Jennifer Burch, Instructional Design Writer and Instructor

I still remember interviewing with Cornerstone 10 years ago. I would come to work for you again in a heartbeat! I was encouraged to hear that Bob Goff spoke at the President’s Club trip this past year. He’s an old friend whose encouragement has been meaningful to me over the years. Glad he was there to share some stories and encouragement with you all. A great selection! Huge kudos to Julie for staying committed and faithful to our Thursday morning calls. Her friendship and mentoring spirit have been life-giving to both me and, ultimately, my team. Lead on, brother.
-Craig Ronning, Area Manager, Washington Region

I am truly grateful and blessed.
-Lonna Bell, Banking Department

It has been such a pleasure working at Cornerstone, and I couldn’t be more thankful to work with and for such amazing, kind, and wonderful people.
- Shalene Bentley, Loan Processor

It's been a pleasure to be part of this voyage. Can't thank you enough for your contribution leading this ship. Look forward to the next 5 years!
-David Hilburn, Professional Mortgage Banker

Thank you so much for reaching out once again. I try to keep my powder dry and fly below the radar, but this is now three times your reaching out has impressed upon me the value in the leadership that I partnered with. This past Sunday after our service I was quoting to a friend Cornerstone’s Mission Statement: “I exist to use and improve upon my God-given talents to make a positive difference to the lives of my customers.” I was further able to explain our Mission as a company and that it is directly from my leaders. In Wyoming this language isn’t too foreign, but we are still able to recognize the depth of conviction when a statement like this is voiced, especially in the current national climate. I, for one, am grateful, blessed, and humbled to be branded with and through Cornerstone. I have had a vision for years about the legacy I can leave in my two states (Wyoming and Montana), and I know in my core this IS the home for me to launch from. I thank you again for the legacy and reputation that I am proud to be partnered with.
-Lana Kitto, Branch Manger